Dahlias: This is how you plant the tubers properly

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The dahlias, which bloom in late summer, are susceptible to frost. Therefore, the tubers can only stay outside in the winter in mild regions and with appropriate winter protection over the winter. The classic planting season for dahlias is in spring, when the danger of late frosts is over. Pay attention to the correct planting depth: The tubers must be placed about five centimeters deep into the ground. After planting, gently press the soil and water thoroughly.

If you put a roughly one-meter-long, thin stick into the planting hole when planting, it can later support the heavy dahlia flowers. Be careful not to hurt the freshly planted tubers. Tip: If you have had problems with vole mice before, put the tubers in vault baskets for protection.

Step by step: plant dahlias properly

Dahlia tuber box

Dig out the planting hole for dahlias

Check the overwintered dahlia tubers (left) and use the spade to dig out the planting hole (right)

Bring the dahlias stored in boxes of dry potting soil from the winter quarters and remove dried and rotten tubers. Old, very dense specimens should be reduced to four to five healthy tubers. The surplus cut off on the old stems, because only the root collar has austriebsfähige buds. Also from single tubers grow again after planting new dahlias. If you want to plant a whole bed, you should keep depending on the vigor of the varieties 50 to 80 centimeters, so that the shoots do not grow together too much and the leaves can dry well after rainfall.

Improve soil and insert flower support

Dahlen planting sand planting hole

Put dahlia shoots in the planting hole

Sand in the planting hole improves the permeability of the soil (left). Be careful not to hurt the tubers when inserting the flower support (right)

Dahlias are very susceptible to stagnation - a layer of coarse-grained sand in the bottom of the plant hole improves the drainage on loamy soil. For large-flowered varieties, you should put a stake in the planting hole while planting and fix the shoots later with a loose cord. Due to the heavy inflorescences, the crowns otherwise fall apart slightly.

Cover with soil and water

Cover dahlia tubers with soil

Pour dahlia tubers

Cover the dahlia tubers with soil (left) and water well at the end (right)

Plant your dahlias so deeply that the tubers are covered with soil about two to three fingers wide. The lower you set it, the lower the risk of frost in autumn, the later also sets the bloom. After insertion, the old stems should still stick out of the ground. Finally, it is thoroughly poured.

Pinch young dahlias several times

Dahlias from single tubers form in the first year often only a few shoots and correspondingly narrow crowns. A bushy growth can be achieved if you pinch the young shoots several times, so remove the tip over a pair of leaves. Although this delays the blossom out, but from the buds in the leaf axils each new shoots with flower buds.

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