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Marguerites overwinter: summer

Daisies are beautiful summer flowers that are becoming increasingly popular. With their bright white flowers they beautify many terraces, balconies or staircases in the summer with good care.
Daisies can be bought as a bush or as a high strain. But what to do when the summer comes to an end and you want to overwinter the flowers? Ideal places to spend the winter are greenhouses or conservatories that have cool temperatures. Otherwise, other bright and cool rooms, such as storage rooms, staircases or attic rooms are suitable. Less suitable are dark rooms such as garages.

Bring to winter location before first night frost

If such a place is used, it should at least have only a few degrees above zero. The daisies should in any case stay out as long as possible and only be brought in when the first night frost is announced. Now the daisies should be placed in their designated place.
They want to enjoy their winter break now. For this it is necessary to cut back the shoots generously. It may quietly a third to half of the shoots are removed. The flowers need hardly any water in winter. But you should not dry out in any case. The colder the room, the less water is needed. Please remove yellow or brown leaves constantly.

Get used to heat in spring

If the marguerite has formed new shoots during this time, the soil must be kept even drier. From March you can slowly put the plant in a slightly warmer and lighter place. This has the advantage that the flowers develop faster when the marguerites come back on the balcony or terrace in the summer. In this transitional period, the flower needs a little more water.
But beware! Do not pour too fast and too much. Otherwise there will be a too fast budding. After the icy saints, the marguerite can then finally go outside to shine in the warm sunshine to a true flower splendor.


  • Ideal is the hibernation in a greenhouse, which can be heated to 5 to 7° C. Otherwise, each cool room with window, so garage, unheated attic, storage rooms and hallways.

  • As long as possible, let the marguerites out in the open! Only at night frost grant!

  • Cut back about 1/3!

  • Just pour so much that the plant bale does not dry out completely! There are many leaves yellow. That is normal. But they have to be removed!

  • The new output must be prevented! If the marguerite drives out, it must be kept drier. Only warmer in early spring, but then very bright. Pour a little more! Only when no frost threatens more, clear the marguerites!


If you do not have the opportunity to hibernate and do not want to buy a new marguerite every year, you should try a shrub leaning site. They are in dwarf forms (yellow or white dwarf marguerites). They are perennial flowering shrubs that fit well in planters. They are hardy. But the best thing is to plant them in the bed for wintering. They do not always survive in the bucket.

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