Diarrheal disease - 2 remedies for soil fungi

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The turnip disease often infects seedlings

It sounds funny, but the damping-off is there really. This affects mainly young plants that have been seeded and just as seedlings are a few inches tall.

It does not matter what type of plants it is, the dropping disease can get any. This is due to soil fungi.

You should actually think that plants that you want to grow big in seed pots, are particularly protected, but there you are wrong. Especially in vessels that are made of recyclable materials such as egg cartons or cardboard, such mushrooms can spread. Once that happens, the healthy-looking plants are also affected. When the first plants fall over and die off, the rest is beyond salvation.

remedy can only do two here medium create:

  1. On the one hand hygieneThat is, one should rather use plastic breeding containers that are treated with hot water before planting.
  2. Second, you should be at the optimum germination temperature and, of course, pay attention to regular, but not too much moisture. So the turnip disease certainly no longer affects your seedlings.

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