Dandelion honey make yourself - How to succeed the delicious spread

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Whether on the bread in the morning or as a sweetener for tea - honey is available to almost every household. You do not have to be a beekeeper to enjoy delicious honey from your own creation. From the yellow flowers of the dandelion, an equally delicious honey can be conjured up. And that's not hard.

Anyone who has really started gardening and has not conjured up strawberry jam & Co. so often, surely thinks that making their own spread is rather time-consuming. But it really is not. See for yourself: Bio-Garten Reich has provided a very detailed guide in their video, with which the production is super easy to make.

" My advice: If you do not boil the honey to a viscous consistency, but add some gelling sugar to the broth, you have conjured a dandelion jelly in no time. For example, mint or even basil harmonizes perfectly. Try it out. It is worth it..

Good luck and have fun while enjoying!

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