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Dandelion is a weed, as it is written in the book, or better - in the garden. Whether in the lawn, the bed or between pavement joints: dandelion feels good everywhere. In order to remove dandelion, we have collected our best tips for you here.

Dandelions must be removed in good time

Anyone who wants to remove dandelion from his garden should definitely be on time. The yellow dandelion flowers are a signal that it is high time for action. Lawn mowing is the quickest solution, just chop off the flowers in the bed. At least that will give you a bit of air until you can finally take care of the rosettes and the roots. Because: If the dandelion flower first matures into a dandelion, the wind distributes the next wave of invasion everywhere in the garden. Today still a seedling, the day after weevil weed.
Important: Scarifying promotes dandelion and other lawn weeds in the garden, as the devices pull down real runways for approaching seeds in the lawn. With regularly fertilized lawns you can and should therefore simply leave the scarifier in the shed. It is sufficient to lighten the lawn color in the spring with a hard leaf broom.

Simply ditch dandelion

Of course, chemical weed killers also work against dandelions - but it is better to combat the proliferating plant naturally. Suitable tools such as a weed plug grabs the evil directly at the root and tears the dandelion and tap root out of lawn or bed. In this way, you can prevent the dandelion from sprouting again and spreading throughout the garden.


Modern weeders such as the Fiskars model make gardening much easier

That sounds like bone work? Not necessarily. For many models such as the Fiskars Telescopic weed, you do not even have to go to your knees: just stab the steel tines into the ground, pull the stalk of the weeders, the dandelion and the root are already hanging between the tines. Then a quick "ratcheting" movement on the handle and the culprit falls into the bio bin. In addition, weeders are now available with extendable handle, so you can adjust the tool to any body size individually. Weed cutter with a long handle is available in numerous designs and from various companies. They all tackle the dandelion but with similar mechanisms of action. Whether you choose a model with hand-forged blades, corkscrew-like threads or long spikes, it's up to you to remove the dandelion in a knee-friendly and efficient way.

Remove dandelion between pavement joints

Where chemistry is really still a help, it is strictly forbidden: To remove dandelion between paving joints, manual work is announced. The next rain would flush the sprays into the gully and thus into the sewage treatment plant, where they pollute the working water. The commercially available thermal devices leave dandelion roots intact, so they would not be of any help here either. With good joint scratches, the work is quite easy by the hand. If necessary, an old kitchen knife can be used that is narrow enough not only to remove the leaf rosettes, but also to reach the roots. These can be damaged so that the plants are absorbed in the sequence. Disadvantage of this method is a very unpleasant and strenuous working posture on the knees. On the other hand, joint scrapers with a long handle, such as the joint scraper of Krumpholz, are simpler. It has a very stable handle up to 140 centimeters long and is also designed for different joint widths.

Dandelion is and will be a long-time favorite

Remove it once and that's it? Unfortunately this is not the case with dandelion - it will always come back. If not from the neighboring gardens, then from your own garden soil, where the seeds remain germinable for a good ten years. If you dig around somewhere and create a new bed, you will inevitably carry dandelion seeds to the daylight. And they have nothing more urgent to do in wet weather than to germinate. We therefore recommend that you use good tools, regularly check the garden for dandelion and, as soon as it shows, remove it rigorously.

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