DanSand keeps joints weed-free

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The joint sand is returned

The Danish company Dansand has developed a product that is supposed to keep joints on terraces, sidewalks and driveways ecologically free of weeds: the Dansand joint sand or the Dansand stone flour. The principle is copied from nature: In Greenland, geologists found uncultivated areas, the cause was the natural occurrence of certain silicates in the soil. The quartz joint sand and the stone dust are modeled on this soil texture and keep joints weed-free, among other things due to their high pH value. Joint sand and stone dust can be used for both new paving and plaster repair. They are filled to the brim in the joints and swept with a broom. The surface is not sealed and rainwater can flow off the pavement and be absorbed by the ground. The weeding is thus eliminated according to the manufacturer for years. The bright joint sand is suitable for light stones, the stone powder for dark joints (up to 20 mm wide). Dansand Fugensand and Steinmehl are available in leading construction and specialist stores (22 kg bag for approx. 13 euros).

Video Board: Joint filling with No Weed block paving sand – Renovation.

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