Dark red makes bright flowers shine

The Content Of The Article:

With red-leaved shrubs and perennials, noble arrangements can be conjured up. Especially perennials with pink, white and yellow flowers show up well between the dark leaves. An effective supplement are perennials with silver-gray leaves. The selection of red-leaved plants is manageable, but offers something suitable for every location.
Versatile use is the easy-care purple bells (Heuchera), of which there are various red-leaved varieties such as 'Palace Purple' and 'Amethyst Mist'. The groundcover grows both in the sun, for example, with pink cranesbill and silver-gray wool-Ziest (Stachys byzantina), as well as in the partial shade with white and pink autumn anemones and feathered grass (Pennisetum).
You can complete the combination with the dark-purple silver candle 'Brunette' (Cimicifuga simplex). On the banks of the pond, where the earth is moist and nutrient-rich, the red-leaved Felberich 'Firecracker' (Lysimachia) feels at home. Together with the likewise dark-leaved Ageratumdost 'Chocolate' (Ageratina altissima) and pink meadowsweet (Filipendula) and carpet knotweed (Bistorta affinis) creates an atmospheric image.


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