Darrieus Rotor - Manufacturer & Function

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Darrieus Rotor - Manufacturer & Function

Wind energy from the in-house wind turbine is no longer a dream of the future. There are always new developments, on the roofs of some single-family homes are already turning the first wind turbines.
What is a Darrieus rotor?
The Darrieus rotor belongs to the wind turbines, which work with a vertical axis of rotation. He is named after his French inventor Georges Darrieus, who patented him in 1927. In English, all wind turbines with a vertical axis VAWT (vertical axis wind turbine) are called, in addition to the Darrieus rotor, there is also the Savonius rotor. Compared to conventional systems with horizontal axes (the usual wind turbine), vertical axis rotors have some advantages:

  • You do not need wind tracking, but react to wind from any direction. They also process every wind, which raises the yield especially when used in wind-weaker areas.
  • These systems are very robust, have little wear, need very little maintenance and are also low in operating costs.
  • The mechanical structure is namely much less complicated than that of a wind turbine.
  • Vertical turbines are also not as sensitive to strong wind as the wind turbines, which usually have to be stopped in any stronger wind.
    They withstand strong gusts of wind even without an adjustment of the rotor blades and can also use a storm.

For all these reasons, these systems can be designed for a longer operating time. Above all, they are recommended for use in a human environment, because they are almost noiseless and need no special foundations for fixing, but generally only a simple bracing. The problem with the Darrieus rotor in industrial applications is that it can not be installed at high altitude (where there is more wind), which is not significant for residential applications.
Darrieus Vs. savonius
The Darrieus rotor is referred to as a high-speed rotor in contrast to the Savonius rotor. However, the Savonius rotor has other advantages, so today are often the limits of the principle of Darrieus and the
Savonius principle overcome to unify the advantages of both systems.
Darrieus rotors can be architecturally pronounced beautifully designed, various rotors were already designed by artists and showed up as an art in construction. But even if not just Phillipe Starck designed the rotor, he always convinces with a pleasing shape. As a result, these systems rarely provoke the reluctance of neighbors, which is a key advantage when used in residential areas.
In the past, many Darrieus rotors were operated in all parts of the world. On the experiences, which could be made in the duration of these partly nearly a decade running plants, build up the today's manufacturers. The advantages of the Darrieus Savonius systems convince many, more and more manufacturers are dealing with this product and offer systems.
Manufacturer of vertical wind turbines
A small overview of the manufacturers in the current market: You will receive components and soon also finished systems in Germany at the Sirena GmbH in Saalfeld (verticalrotor.de). Also the Venco Power GmbH in Chemnitz is one of the German providers (vencopower.com). Above all, house equipment represents the Swiss company Enflo (enflo-windtec.ch), whose turbines won a design award in 2006.
For more than a decade, the Italian company has been involved Ropatec with vertical axis systems (ropatec.com). The English Quiet Revolution Ltd. emphasizes in its name the quietness and deals accordingly with facilities for the inhabited environment (quietrevolution.com).
Based in New York and Beijing Urban Green Energy, the
Offer plants in various sizes. Another supplier from the US is the Helix Wind Corp. (helixwind.com), which has just introduced a new family of small wind turbines. Facilities for the residential environment also has the Windspire Energy Inc. based in Reno, Nevada (windspireenergy.com). The rotors designed by Phillipe Starck are made by the Italian company Pramac sold under the name "RevolutionAir" (revolutionair-pramac.com). Other suppliers from all over the world: windturbinestar.com, windside.com, turby.nl, ette.no, hi-vawt.com.tw.
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  1. If you would like to look at the principle of action on a small scale, you will find it picoturbine.com Model turbines.
  2. And if you're a keen technician looking to build your own Darrieus Rotor, you'll find complete instructions on the Internet.

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