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In summer you can see many dead bumblebees lying on the ground on walks and in your own garden. And many hobby gardeners wonder why that is. After all, many plants and nectar now bloom as well as pollen must be abundant. In June you can observe the phenomenon sometimes under flowering blue rain and in July it is often repeated among linden trees. Especially the silver linden (Tilia tomentosa) seems to be responsible for the bumblebee death. It used to be thought that certain plants produce a special sugar called mannose, which is toxic to many insects. However, one could not prove this in questionable bumblebees in questionable amounts. Meanwhile, however, experts have found that the cause is much more profane.

Dead bumblebees due to lack of food

Flowering linden trees spread a sweet nectar and attract many bumblebees. The insects go a long way to visit the trees and consume a large part of their energy reserves. When they arrive at the destination, they often do not find enough nectar and pollen, as the lime blossom have been flown by many insects and "grazed". In addition, in July missing then alternative food sources in the area, because the heyday of many important Nektarpflanzen is already over.
Their late flowering in July is also the reason why the silver lime tree is closely linked to the bumblebee death. Native linden species such as the summer linden (Tilia platyphyllos) and the winter linden (Tilia cordata) require the insects similar efforts in June, but in early summer, the supply of flowering plants is much larger, so exhausted bumblebees in the area usually enough others Find plants to strengthen. In addition, when the supply of nectar plants decreases in midsummer, more mouths are to be stuffed, as the bumblebee populations have grown significantly and the number of other nectar-collecting insects is also increasing.

Silver lime

Dead bumblebees are found not only under silver linden, but often among other relatively isolated nectar plants with late flowering

So avoid dead bumblebees in the garden

Whether in the home garden or on the city balcony: space for flowering plants is everywhere - and every nectar-rich flowering helps, if it is also accessible to the insects. Avoid densely filled flowers as they often have no stamen and the nectar is also difficult to access. Do not just focus on flowering, but design your garden or balcony with nectar plants that bloom at different times. Bumblebees are considered to be a bit more comfortable - they prefer to look for the food sources they know several times, instead of looking for new nectar plants like honey bees.

Bumblebee on red sun hat

Also red sun hat (Echinaceae purpurea) serves bumblebees in the summer as a food source

Classic so-called "Trachtpflanzen", which also bloom in midsummer, are among other ornamental shrubs such as summer lilac (Buddleja), bearded flower (Caryopteris) and blue lavender (Perovskia), many often blooming and unfilled or only slightly filled rose varieties, herbs such as thyme, hyssop and lavender also perennials such as stonecrop, purple sunhat and globe thistle. Even a slightly more extensive lawn care can save lives: If you let the white clover flower regularly, you offer the bumblebees a richly set table.

Disappointed bumblebees help

If you find a weakened bumblebee in your garden or on the balcony, you can easily get it back on its feet: stir in a lukewarm sugar solution and drip a few drops into the bumblebee's nose. If she is still able to eat, she will regain her strength so quickly.
Special bumblebee boxes from specialist retailers or natural, unkempt corners with deadwood in the garden ensure that bumblebees find a home in their garden and do not have to travel long distances to their food sources. And you can look forward to good fruit and tomato crops, because bumblebees are extremely effective pollinators.

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