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Field maple deciduous tree

In addition, they also benefit from them, such as the fruit trees of fruit trees and their beauty of ornamental trees. Some tree species suitable for the home garden are listed below.

front yard

The tree in the front yard plays a big role. On the one hand it loosens up a too sterile image in the front garden design, on the other hand it is a shade dispenser for parked cars or utility rooms in the front part of the house. The air pollution by the road area is reduced by the filtering effect of a deciduous tree. A large variety of species offers a suitable solution for every front garden.
In the front yard, for example, fits a maple tree, be it the field maple, which is up to 15 meters high and 7 feet wide, sandy-loamy lime soils loves or Norway maple, but which is up to 30 feet tall and in width already 12 Meters. The maple in turn loves a nutrient-rich, slightly acidic to alkaline soil. Also suitable are the mountain maple and the red maple. Well conceivable, again in the area of ​​the front yard is the horse chestnut. Note, however, that the chestnut needs very deep soil to thrive and is up to 25 meters high.
Especially with the height of the trees, you should already fit into the townscape with its front garden plants and not too much of your own space. Birch trees can also be used very well in the front yard, regardless of their size, they grow up to 30 meters in height, but only need about 10 meters in width. They prefer a sunny to partially shaded spot and very nutrient-rich soils. A tropical-looking tree for those who like it extravagant is the trumpet tree. It takes up a lot of space and nutrients in the soil, but then bears huge heart-shaped leaves, white flowers and fruits in long bean-like capsules as a reward.
Edible fruits can be expected from the tree hazel, a very unpretentious tree with a narrow crown and a golden autumn color.
The ash is a good way to beautify the front yard. It is a native tree that grows up to 40 meters in height and loves deep, juicy, fresh soil.
The area of ​​the front garden is so versatile planting, but you should make sure that other plants by large deciduous trees, the sun is not taken.

In the property

Deciduous trees are of course not only suitable for the front garden or for the front areas of land, but also for all other regions. Very pleasant and quite useful are trees that grow near seats, barbecue corners or terraces. Here you get a natural windbreak. It is very pleasant to select those trees that leave as many sun rays in the seating area in spring, when the sun is not burning, and offer additional sun protection in hot summer. Ornamental trees, which provide an additional eye-catcher through their fruits and flowers, are also particularly suitable.
The Loebner magnolia, for example, is ideally suited here. It has a magical, star-shaped flower decoration and bright red fruits, but needs a lot of nutrients and a lot of space in the soil. The ornamental cherry also has strikingly beautiful flowers. The colors here range from white to pink. The flower ash is a tree that is only up to 10 meters high, has no special requirements, but bears wonderfully fragrant flowers and is particularly resistant. Even golden rain and flower dogwood are among the eye-catching ornamental trees. They like both sunny to partially shaded places, grow up to about 7 meters high and find their ideal place on terraces.
The Amberbaum is also an eye-catcher in every garden. It grows up to 30 meters in height and up to 10 meters in width. He loves sunny locations, but is less suitable for calcareous soils. He loves nutrients and freshness. The Gleditschie is one of the lesser known trees. It is a loosely umbrella-shaped tree with no great claims, has strong thorns on the trunk and branches, and bears fruit in long brown pods. An advantage of this tree is that it is commercially available without thorns, so there is no danger to children or pets. The robinia is also not very well known, but is ideal as a garden tree, it has no special claims, but offers white flowers in hanging grapes that smell very strong. It becomes 25 meters tall and 10 meters wide.
The sizes that trees can reach should always be respected enough to give the trees the habitat they need.


The rest of the property is planted with trees. Inquire about whether there can be problems with trees right on the property's borders and if it's allowed to plant them there.Often this is not the case, especially on small plots or in smaller gardens. But nevertheless one can plant his trees on a meadow. Here you should use such species that do not shade the ground excessively, otherwise the lawn may suffer. Here, for example, high-stemmed fruit varieties are particularly well suited, such as apple or pear trees. In addition, for this purpose, small trees or large shrubs have proven useful, such as fire maple, lily of the valley or hops beech. But if you only have small lawns, you should not plant them with too many trees, because otherwise it quickly seems overloaded and the individual trees can not develop well.
For example, the judas leaf tree needs its own place. He is up to 15 meters high and 10 meters wide. He is particularly well suited to be planted as a solitary tree, because he is multi-stemmed and broadly spreading. He also smells of gingerbread, which certainly not everyone can say about his trees.
You can grow a pretty small-crowned tree with the Red Pavie. It has red flowers in June and light brown chestnuts in autumn. It is not very tall with a maximum of 6 meters and is therefore very popular in small gardens. Even the tulip magnolia is suitable for the meadow, it does not grow larger than 6 meters and loves the full sun. She will delight the gardener with large white-pink calyx from leaf-shoots if he offers her a deep, nutrient-rich, fresh soil.
Of course, the list of suitable trees for the garden is unlikely to be long. And there are not only deciduous trees that look beautiful, but also conifers, which are growing in popularity. The individuality of the garden and its design make him what he is, because how boring it would be if all outdoor facilities had the same look.
The garden owner plans the garden himself or with expert support, planting trees that he likes or attracts attention with. But no matter which trees are planted, it is important that they meet their needs in terms of soil, location and nutrients, because otherwise the joy of the garden is lost very quickly, namely, when the trees come in.

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