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Golden elm - plants, care, cutting and diseases

The golden elm is a cross between field and mountain elm. Their frizzy foliage and the height of up to ten meters make them look very impressive and attractive. It owes its name to the golden yellow foliage, which is already cast in yellow color.

Deciduous trees in the garden: tree

Shield Platane - Planting, Care and Cutting

The parasol looks very good, is an exceptional and natural shade dispenser and - almost the best - it cleans the air very well of pollutants. A good reason to think about planting this tree in your own garden.

Deciduous trees in the garden: tree

Dachplatane - care, plants, cut properly

A roof lantern is ideal for creating a small shady sitting area in the garden. Properly cut, the roof platane forms, as the name implies, a flat canopy under which it can be wonderfully lingered. It also brings a pleasant Mediterranean flair in the local gardens.

Deciduous trees in the garden: very

Growing an oak - from the seed, to the pot, to the tree

An oak that raises its crown majestically over the people, has been an impressive image for millennia. If you want to breed your own oak, you can do it in a very simple way.

Deciduous trees in the garden: trees

Dwarf willow, Salix arbuscula - care of the small tree willow

If you like weeping willow, but do not have enough space for the lush growing plants in your own garden, you can fall back on the dwarf pasture. This type of willow reaches a maximum size of 150-200 cm in height and width, making it the perfect alternative for smaller gardens.

Deciduous trees in the garden: deciduous

Willow species in the garden - Salix, care tips, cutting and propagating

In addition to the weeping willow, there are currently about 300 other willow species. They all carry the typical willow catkins, which are often referred to as the harbingers of spring because of their early flowering. Here you will find out which of the many pastures are particularly suitable for your garden and what you have to consider in the care and reproduction.

silk tree

With its extraordinary foliage and the extremely decorative, delicately scented flowers, the silk tree amazes its viewers. This beautiful plant is relatively rare to find in this country. It is conditionally hardy and is predominantly kept as a container plant. In warm regions, it can also be planted in the garden.

Hops beech - Characteristics: Location and care


Are you looking for plants for an easy-care garden that grow willingly and have few claims? And are also very decorative and have many different manifestations to offer in the course of the year?

Eucalyptus tree - care and overwintering

eucalyptus tree

The ball tree, Liquidambar styraciflua Gumball is a highlight for the front yard. Almost without any human intervention, he develops his spherical shape, which is particularly effective as a high stems. The deciduous deciduous tree develops a magnificent red autumn color, similar to a maple. He is very easy-care.

Corkscrew Willow, Salix matsudana - Planting, Care & Cutting

The corkscrew willow Salix matsudana is not only very decorative, but is also a very popular material for hobbyists. Its pliable branches with long yellowish inflorescences are very decorative in the vase and are a first eye-catcher in the garden in spring. However, the corkscrew pasture is not suitable for every location.

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