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Decorate flower boxes for autumn and winter: decorate

How to decorate flower boxes for the fall and winter depends on the condition of the flower boxes after the summer season. Therefore different solutions for the autumn and winter decoration will be presented, from the decoration for empty window boxes (empty balconies) to the permanent planting, not only for autumn and winter, but for the next years:

Decorate empty flower boxes

Often, the chic and heavy flower boxes should remain on the balcony when the summer flowers are disposed of. If you do not have much time to fuss, but do not want to stare at empty flower boxes when looking out of the window, creativity is required:
1. Creativity for children
If your everyday life is really packed, you can keep children busy with the "Balcony Decoration" project without having to pay attention to it all the time. This could be done without your living spaces having to be renovated afterwards:
  • First collect cardboard, usually it is enough if you transport the next purchases in cardboard home
  • Cut into square, flat pieces, which are first collected in a box
  • You need scissors, office stapler, enough staples, thin foil in bright colors and deck colors
  • An old rug or blanket is good for protecting the floor
  • Then comes a work table, which is possibly color-safe packed in an old tablecloth / foil
  • From the cardboard Christmas trees are cut, always with a broad handle for attachment
  • The stem is later fixed in material that wraps the whole stem
  • Two several centimeters thick material rectangles almost at the height of the window boxes
  • These could be z. B. from thick green Styrodur insulation boards (by an adult) are cut
  • Maybe you will find something else in the household, two matching boxes z. B.
  • Between these rectangular, upright bodies of the stem is attached, z. B. glued over the entire surface
  • If you have a home improvement in the household, you may find square timber pieces of appropriate size
  • In the dad drill with the drill a few holes regularly distributed over the area
  • The stem of the tree then comes in between, is also perforated with a Schaschlick spit, strong wire or similar
  • Long screws through, screw nuts on the opposite side, and the Christmas trees has a thick, sturdy stem
  • The may not be blown from the balcony during the next storm
  • The skilful do-it-yourselfer attaches a squared timber across the balcony box, perhaps with wedges, perhaps with nylon rope / wire, using the drainage holes
  • At this he now screws the "Christmas tree stalks" with small angles
  • If the receptacle of the flower boxes allows it, you can simply lay a grid on the balcony box and tie it down
  • The grid can be cut to size from a screed mat (by an adult) using wire cutters or pincers
  • Sand sharp-edged wire ends or secure with thick textile adhesive tape
  • Now you can start, the Christmas trees are painted green, and after drying decorated with painted tree decorations
  • In addition, from the colorful, possibly glittering slides all sorts of shapes can be cut, which are stapled to the tree
  • No more precise suggestions, the creativity required here should stimulate the brain of your children
  • In the fall, the Christmas trees can stay green for a while and then be decorated later
  • Cover colors are usually a bit waterproof, with hair spray or spray paint you can help
  • If your balcony regularly gets a full rain front, again only helps a creative solution, if you do not want to rebuild:
  • Pack the finished works of art in thin cling film, like the otherwise so unloved really nice "sticky"
  • If you cleverly wrinkle while packing, it seems like a hint of ice and snow
Of course, depending on the age of the children you will be sitting at the crafting table when the tree forms are cut out with scissors, but you can do that in one go if you have thought about how many trees you would like to put up. If you have enough space / time available, that the crafting table either stops at the same time or with the "color protection devices" can temporarily move into a storeroom, and would like to promote children's craft, you could of course also in front of the Christmas trees and a round Insert autumn decoration, with deciduous forest à la "Indian Summer". If the summer flowers including flower boxes in the cellar have hibernated or the remains of the summer flower ornaments and the substrate have been disposed of and the empty, not very attractive plastic flower boxes collected in the cellar, you have to decorate an empty balcony. What you can do with this basically depends on the receptacle for the flower boxes.If the balcony box holder is as often a wrought iron frame, you can attach very well all sorts of things to the iron braces, the tinkered trees just described, as well as any other fall decoration.
2. The adult deco
The adult deco for empty flower boxes needs just as much creativity, the thoughts will be directed only to other materials and a less colorful design, here are some suggestions:
  • In craft shops (in the architects' store) you get thin, semi-transparent polypropylene films in DIN paper sizes
  • In many colors, more autumnal and more shrill, and in white, gray, anthracite
  • From these, you could cut a tree parade to match your home decor or your favorite color
  • Maybe the most diverse deciduous tree silhouettes in all fall colors
  • Polypropylene is lightweight, UV stable, temperature resistant from -10 to +110° C
  • It can be cut with the cutter or a powerful pair of scissors
  • It can be glued with special adhesives and (of course) fixed by screws
  • You could screw many trees down to wooden slats, which you then screw together and sink in the planter
  • With the right distances, a small forest of desired color and three-dimensional effect
  • When it's time for Christmas, the autumn forest is followed by a fir parade, in dark green or elegant grays, or really colorful
  • You can decorate any color, with light decorative items, a punch and string
  • The deco-top class are then two of these trees, connected and illuminated with threaded rods + nuts
  • Lighting can be introduced with an outdoor light chain, whose connections must be laid waterproof
  • This outdoor light chain can also bring color, the possibilities grow in quite a few color combinations

Use autumn offers

In the fall, the shops are full of autumn plants - asters, chrysanthemums and heather herbs create very quickly and cheaply an autumn planting, which can be seen and brings more or less colorful autumn mood on the balcony. If you want to go fast and do not care about longevity, you can buy the next special deal that comes your way. If you like these traditional autumn plants or parts of them, you can read about the right species / varieties of asters, chrysanthemums and heathers, which are sure to be winterproof and will last a lot longer for you under "Planting and Decorating the Balcony and Terrace in Autumn",

More ideas for permanent autumn planting

Climbing ivy - Hedera helix

As I said, there are asters, chrysanthemums and heather herbs that decorate the balcony for a long time, but it does not have to stay that way: you can create a colorful flowering oasis of the autumn with exceptionally beautiful flowers. b. With:
  • Autumn Iron Hat (Aconitum carmichaelii var. Wilsonii)
  • Lilies Funkia (Hosta plantaginea)
  • Column Gold Piston (Ligularia wilsoniana)
  • Various late flowering toad lilies (Tricyrtis)
  • Petite Torch Lilies (Kniphofia galpinii)
You can transform flower boxes and tubs into impressive colorful flower bushes, eg. With:
  • Autumn anemones (Anemone autumn elegans) and Japan anemones (Anemone japonica)
  • Rich flowering mock chamomile (Boltonia asteroides) and autumn marguerite (Leucanthemella serotina)
  • Late flowering perennial sunflowers (Helianthus)
  • Winterproof perennial marigolds (Calendula hybrid 'Winter Wonders Amber Arctic')
  • Various late flowering sun hats (Rudbeckia)
You can decorate flower boxes and tubs with small flowering shrubs, z. B. with
  • Chinese Curly Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica)
  • French seedflower (Ceanothus x delilianus)
  • Shrub veronica (Hebe speciosa)
  • Carpet (Gaultheria procumbens)
  • Tree Jockey Tree (Dermatobotrys saundersii)
You can hang traffic lights or attach in flower pots / pots trellis and in the fall and winter flowering climbing plants climb up, z. B.:
  • Burning clematis (Clematis flammula)
  • Common Ivy (Hedera helix), flowers in the winter extraordinary and beautiful
  • Large-leaved Clematis (Clematis heracleifolia 'Mrs. Robert Brydon')
  • Sky blue passionflower (Passiflora caerulea), needs a warm microclimate
  • Mediterranean daphne (Daphne gnidium)
You can bring a very restrained autumn planting in the flower box, which presents itself in all shades of green over cream to silver, z. B.:
  • Himalayan beefberry (Sarcococca hookeriana var. Humilis)
  • Mother Memories or Zhi Mu (Anemarrhena asphodeloides)
  • Oil pastures (Elaeagnus)
  • Late flowering goldenrod (Solidago aspera, Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks')
  • Late flowering wormwood mugwort perennials (Artemisia lactiflora, ludoviciana, pontica)
In the other articles about autumn and winter, decoration and balcony you will find many more plants that can be set in autumn (flowering), are good to excellent hardy and will beautify the flower box for several years.
Even empty flower boxes can be decorated with some creativity autumn or winter, the ideas presented here were only initial suggestions from a huge range of possibilities. Of course, the flower boxes can also be planted autumnally, very quickly or with a little more work (when shopping), the range of possibilities is just as huge - and then you could decorate this autumn planting even further, see "Autumn Decoration & Winter Decoration".

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