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If you want to use pumpkin for your fall decoration, there are no limits - at least as far as the design ideas are concerned. The giant fruit is ideal for autumnal arrangements, harmonious decoration and unusual carvings. You can use both edible and decorative pumpkins. Nice side effect with the pumpkin: From the accumulating pulp delicious dishes can be conjured up. Pumpkins are available in innumerable colors and in the most idiosyncratic forms. In addition, they can be fantastically combined with other natural materials such as leaves, berries or twigs. So, let your imagination run wild.

Bright pumpkin with filigree lace pattern

From large pumpkins can be tinker pretty lighthouses in a jiffy. To do this, hollow out the pumpkin to a side wall approximately two centimeters thick and then cut out a pattern or a face. Now just place the candle in the middle - done.

Carving halloween pumpkin

With a cordless screwdriver you can make especially even holes in a pumpkin

A deco alternative to this: Instead of using the knife, move the pumpkin with a cordless screwdriver with a wood drill attachment. Thus, the giant fruit can be covered with an elaborate lace pattern and offers, with a candle inside, especially after dark a beautiful sight.

Cats decoration from pumpkin

Cat fans beware: With a little flair and a sharp knife, you can carve a gorgeous cat's face from a pumpkin. Make sure the pumpkin is big enough and you have enough space to cut. We recommend pre-marking the motif with a pen and not working too filigree so that the pumpkin does not collapse.

The perfect pumpkin for cat lovers

The perfect pumpkin for cat lovers

Pumpkin decoration for balcony and terrace

Tasteful decoration for the balcony or terrace can be easily made with pumpkins, autumn flowers and other treasures from nature. Make harmonious color compositions from autumnal materials and place them clearly visible on the balcony or garden table. A true mood brightener in the dull autumn time! Or you simply turn the pumpkin into a vase and fill it with flowers.

Hollowed pumpkin as a flower vase

The pumpkin as a vase: Simply hollow out and fill with autumn blossoms

Table setting with small pumpkin

Even though pumpkins last longer in the fresh autumn air, they are also great for decorating table settings for the festively decorated table. You will need a relatively small pumpkin (we used a Hokkaido pumpkin), some string or wire, ribbon and some autumnal finds like leaves or berries from our own garden or from the last walk in the forest. Tie everything to the top of the stick and cover the wire / twine with the ribbon.

Crafting material pumpkin

For a seasonal table arrangement only a few utensils are needed - and of course a pumpkin

The users of our photo community have come up with a lot and implemented creative decoration ideas with pumpkins. Whether arrangements in autumn colors or like the userin "wundergarten" a planted pumpkin with a wig of heather (Erika): It's worth taking a look!

Pumpkin and cones Physallis

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Decoration ideas with pumpkin: ideas

Decoration ideas with pumpkin: pumpkin

Decoration ideas with pumpkin: decoration


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Decoration ideas with pumpkin: ideas

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Decoration ideas with pumpkin: ideas

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Decoration ideas with pumpkin: pumpkin

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Decoration ideas with pumpkin: decoration

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Decoration ideas with pumpkin: pumpkins

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Decoration ideas with pumpkin: decoration

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Decoration ideas with pumpkin: ideas

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Decoration ideas with pumpkin: ideas

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Pumpkin and cones Physallis

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Pumpkin harvest

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Pumpkin swan

Pumpkin with crown

pumpkin head

Pumpkin decoration on old chair


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