Delicious nightshade rarities

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The most famous nightshade plant is certainly the tomato. But there are other delicious nightshade rarities that you must have tried. Inca plum, melon pear and kangaroo apple also produce edible fruits and exude an exotic flair in the pot garden.

Egg tree with white fruits

Orange and yellow fruits of kangaroo apple

The immature fruits (left) of the egg tree (Solanum melongena) turn golden yellow. Frequent shaking of the plant promotes the pollination of the flowers. The kangaroo apple (Solanum laciniatum) is native to Australia. Only the ripe fruits (right) are edible

Its lush foliage, striking flowers and extravagant fruits make these nightshade plants (Solanaceae) a fascinating eye-catcher on the terrace. In the sunny, sheltered location, the heat-loving nightshade rarities feel most comfortable. The sowing takes place from March on the windowsill. The sensitive young plants should not be left outside before mid-May. Since the fruit in immature state may still contain toxic ingredients, they may only be harvested when they are fully mature.

Flowers of the Inca plum

Ripe fruits of the Inca plum

The Inca plum (Solanum quitoense) also called lulo, grows up to 2 meters high. It initially forms slightly fragrant, white flowers (left) and later round, orange-red fruits (right)

Delicious nightshade rarities are on the plate

The ripe fruits of the Nightshade rarities are a delicious fruity snack, go well with muesli or fruit salad and are even suitable for the preparation of jam. Egg-tree fruits become a delicious vegetable by roasting, baking and seasoning with olive oil, garlic and thyme. Melon pear, dwarf tamarillo, inca plum and kangaroo apple are kept in a cool winter in the house, while the egg tree is one year old.

Fruits of the dwarf tamarillo

The dwarf tamarillo (Solanum abutiloides) is fast-growing, likes warm, humid and sunny. The orange fruits remind of the taste of apricot

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