Dendrobium Nobile Orchid: Care of A-Z

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Dendrobium Nobile Orchid - Orchidaceae dendrobium

Improper care and conditions can cause Dendrobium Nobile Orchids to suffer from the following diseases:
  • Sunburn (bright, dry leaves with black border)
  • Root rot at too high soil moisture
  • Gray mold due to intensive spraying
  • Wrinkles on irregular or too small watering
  • Bacterial leaf spot disease (brown spots on leaf undersides): remove infected leaves
A lack of care may result in the infestation of these pests:
  • Scale insects
  • mealybugs
  • aphids
  • spider mites
  • thrips
The sooner pests are discovered, the easier they are to fight. Therefore check your grape orchid regularly for uninvited guests. Whether caused by germs disease or pest infestation, affected plants should immediately isolate to prevent transmissions to other plants. The vermin are all insects that weaken their host plant due to their suckling activity.
Take a dampened piece of kitchen roll as an emergency and try to wipe as many of the pests as possible. As a next step, you can choose between commercially available biocides or time-tested home remedies. For example, lube soap solution is considered to be an effective weapon against lice and other harmful insects on indoor plants.


Due to the lack of suitable pollinators, no seed capsules develop in our latitudes from the flowers. Manual fertilization requires intuition and expertise. Propagation by plant division is also reserved for specialists in ornamental greenhouse cultivation. But with a little luck, the Dendrobium Nobile Orchid will give birth to a daughter plant, so that breeding can be successful even for enthusiastic hobby breeders.
Please wait, however, until the Kindel has formed at least three strong aerial roots. Only then is the young plant able to become an independent entity. Until then, do not forget the small roots in the daily fogging of the mother plant. After separating from the original plant, the offspring gets their own small pot of fresh orchid substrate.

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