Planting Desert Rose: An overview of optimal conditions for the exotic plant

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Are you looking for a true exotic? Then get the desert rose into the house. She looks great and is easy to plant.

Desert roses come from dry areas

The desert rose originally comes from very hot, dry areas. To survive in the African steppe, she has developed the principle of the water reservoir in the trunk. The trunk takes on unusual shapes. If you want to plant a desert rose in your own home, you can choose between rootless plants and specimens grafted on oleander. Both species need a bright, sunny and sheltered location. At the earth, however, the variants differ.

Prepare substrate and container

Desert roses are best planted in spring, because this corresponds to the natural rhythm of life of the plants. Both variants require different substrate.

Root-dead desert roses need a well-drained substrate. Well suited is a mixture of normal soil and filler in the ratio 40:60. As filler you can use pumice, sand, coconut fibers, small pieces of wood or perlite. For the optics to be right, use coarse sand as the top layer, possibly mixed with soil. Alternatively, you can also use cactus clay. You can also achieve very good results with substrates such as Seramis or Lechuza, which always ensure good water flow. The mineral composition meets the needs of the desert rose.

Grafted plants put in normal garden or potting soil, which should also be loose and permeable. The irrigation water must always be able to drain well. This is especially important in the rootless desert rose. Therefore apply a thick drainage layer in the bucket. Of course, a drain hole in the vessel is necessary.

❍ Tip:
If you want to repot your desert rose, take the plant out of the old pot, let it dry and then shake off the previous substrate from the roots. Then check the roots for rot and remove suspicious root parts before re-inserting the desert rose.

Water desert roses properly

After planting, you only have to water a little bit, do not even plant potted plants for one to two weeks. Too much water after insertion often means the premature end of the plant. Use low-lime water at room temperature and always allow the upper substrate layer to dry slightly. Grafted desert roses may be watered more vigorously.

Once the plant is waxed, water it more in the summer months and use low-dose cactus fertilizer every two weeks. But even then let the substrate dry in between! From autumn you reduce the water supply and in winter you do not pour.

Choose the right location

The desert rose develops best when it is warm, bright and protected, because draft does not like the exotic plant. A sunny south window is e.g. perfect. From an outside temperature of at least 12 degrees, the plant may also go outdoors. But please accustom them slowly to the changed conditions! First, put them in the fresh air for only one hour. You can then gradually extend the time outdoors until the plant can remain completely outside.

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