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Behind a garage, in the northwest of the garden, is a relatively large garden area, which is hardly used. For privacy, a dense cherry laurel hedge was planted, and on the lawn play equipment. What is desired is a design that divides large areas and visually enhances them. In addition, a garden house for gardening equipment should be planned.

Suggestion 1: Gardening for the whole family

Relax or play - so that every family member in the garden can do what they like most, the area is divided into two areas. On the right, there is a multifaceted room for the children, which can be reached through an entrance gate next to the garage. The existing swing with slide is integrated here. There is also a large sand playground and an Indian teepee, a stake in the stake and a fireplace with stools made of tree stumps. Outside there is plenty of room to run and run around on the lawn.

Drawing: Design proposal Indian Garden

The left half of the garden is reserved for adults. On the wooden deck, it can be wonderfully relaxing with a view of the pond and lush flower beds

The planting of the "Indian Garden" with redcurrants and forest strawberries as ground cover provides plenty of snacking fun in between. In addition, the sweet cherry planted in front of the existing cherry laurel hedge invites you to climb and snack. Towards the paved courtyard, the garden is shielded by a trellis overgrown with the yellow-flowered Clematis 'Golden Tiara'. A modern garden house with a flat roof was combined with the terrace and complemented by a pergola and seating. At the same time, the building serves as a screen between the sun loungers by the pond and the children's area. On the pier, which leads from the paved garden path at the garage to the wooden deck, you can enjoy the sun from noon to evening.

Sun Hat Rudbeckia Goldsturm

For brightly glowing splashes of color provides the yellow-flowering sun hat 'Goldsturm'

The blooms in spring open the yellow marsh marigolds on the pond and the cherry tree. High bearded iris 'Buttered Popcorn' in yellow and white will add color to the perennial flowerbed from May, while small forest strawberry blossoms will light up in the children's area. In June, the Great Starling opens its white flowers, followed in July by the "Pier" Bridal Shower and, in August, by the equally white Autumn Anemone "Honorine Jobert". In the summer months the yellow clematis flowers glow on the trellis and on the pergola. Slightly softer tones, however, suggest glossy shield fern as well as turf lavender 'Scotland', which provide filigree green structures between the lush flowers.

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