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The recently created hillside garden with its stepped terraces looks very powerful due to the large stones without planting. The garden owners want shrubs and shrubs that look attractive in the fall and let the stones move into the background.

Suggestion 1: Airy-light in warm tones

After completion of the earthworks, the subtleties of the design continue: In order for the large, gray stones of the terraced slope not to be oppressive, small-scale structures and warm colors form an antipole. Planted with shrubs and ornamental grasses, whose foliage turns bright red or orange in autumn, the garden trumps up again properly. Copper pear, scarlet cherry, flower dogwood, purple flowering miscanthus and red grass-topped blood grass make up a beautiful picture.

Hillside shrubs and grasses

The soft ears of the giant feather grass and the white flower lances of the candelabra honorary award provide the necessary lightness in the hillside garden

Together with the grasses and other perennials such as Starclouds and Himalayan Spurge, which grow in front of and on the bottom wall, they are also important structuring agents. If the plants are left over the winter, the garden looks wrapped in a mantle of hoarfrost or covered by snow still good. However, it is important to free the grasses from the old stalks in time for the coming year in late February and early March.
While red and orange shades adorn the slope from September, the colors white and pink dominate in the spring. Because the copper rock pear presents itself in April with a rich, white blossom and the scarlet cherry at the same time shows off its pink flowers. The Japanese flower dogwood then waits with a white nap from May to June.

Concrete stone staircase with plants

The dark red flowers of the miscanthus and the luminous leaf tips of the blood grass soften the cool radiance of concrete stone staircase and gray natural stone masonry

Of particular interest in terms of design is the demarcation to the open field side: the three distinctly colored scarlet cherries and the copper rock pear visibly form the end of the property, but leave enough space for views into the landscape. For the area in front of the house was simply selected chippings. Through the small bed on the house and the partly planted directly into the grit blood grass 'Red Baron', the surface gets a light and easy note. The spacious wooden terrace on the upper level can be reached via a simple concrete stone staircase. From there, the slope can be clearly seen.

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