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initial situation

So far, the terrace looks quite bare and abruptly turns into the lawn. On the left is a carport whose wall is to be concealed slightly. On the right is a large sandpit, which will continue to be used. The garden owners want an idea in Mediterranean style, which framed the terrace nicely and ties to the spacious garden.

Suggestion 1: Terrace for young and old

To connect the rectangular wooden terrace with the garden, a curved bed was designed as a transition. The edge is marked by an accurately cut book hedge, which continues spiraling in the planting area. On the other hand, this spiral form is also found here: Here, the sandbox, surrounded by a low stone wall, takes up the snail shape again. An existing book hedge, in turn, connects seamlessly and gently to the sandpit. As access to the garden, three large step plates in the bed are used in the middle of the terrace.

Terrace seating garden design

As a transition, a curved bed can be designed

Between the sandpit and flowerbed grows a hemp palm, which gives the overall picture an exotic touch. The area around the trunk is decorated with ballast stones, which visually convey between the bed and the sandpit. In addition to the bush hedges, two Portuguese laurel cherries with glossy dark green leaves and three rocket junipers with gray-green needles, which hide the carport wall together with tall, gentian-blue ox tongue, provide evergreen structures. A white-flowering rose-marshmallow provides for Mediterranean flair in midsummer.
Blue and silver are the predominant colors in the lush discounts. Between June and May, blue-purple steppe sage 'Mainacht', white pearl basket 'Silberregen', the white-flowering variety 'Album' of the blood-red cranesbill bloom as well as shrub-like, greyish-green leafy and blue-flowering blue laurels. Silver-gray hues contribute to the foliage of the filigree noble 'Silver Queen'. A colorful highlight intersperses the bright blue ox tongue, which already provides color on the carport wall.
An eye-catcher from June on is the 2.50 meter high, white-flowering steppe candle. It grows in the middle of the bed, where the book-end spiral ends, and is planted with cranesbill to conceal the leaves that are already growing during flowering. In front of the dark green leaves of the evergreen Portuguese laurel cherry, the white, imposing flower candles are particularly beautiful.

Suggestion 2: Fragrant hedges

Fields with endless rows of fragrant lavender hedges inspired this design idea, in which purple and white and pink flowers play a major role. The area in front of the terrace is divided by three bands of compact lavender 'Hidcote Blue'. The hedges are arranged slightly offset from each other, so that the linear structures do not seem too strict.

Terrace with patio and fragrance hedges

This is a design idea of ​​the terrace with seating and Dufthecken

In between, there are areas created with perennials, roses and dwarf shrubs as well as with gravel and grasses. As an eye catcher in the pebble bed grow between Tuffs from Blauschwingel three impressive, spiral-cut gold-green cypress trees, which look attractive year round. In the flowering area of ​​the bed, a silk acacia spreads its branches with filigree pinnate leaves. Two half-height Chinese Mint 'Small Fountain' provide structure in the bed and are with their filigree stalks a nice complement to the woody plants.
The pebble bed is loosened up by using stones of different sizes. Directly adjacent to this area is the sandpit, which later, when it is no longer in use, can easily be reshaped with gravel and grasses. To get from the terrace into the garden, four large, rectangular tread plates lead from the wooden deck through the sand to the lawn.
The hornbill opens up the flowers: it thrives most beautifully at the edges to the terrace and opens its white flowers over silver-gray foliage from May. Shortly thereafter, the first flowers of the white, simply flowering small shrub rose 'Starfish' show up. It is accompanied in the summer months by white fine beam 'Summer Snow', dark-clouded purple bells 'Molly Bush' and white and pink flowering, area-growing dwarf sparrow 'Shirobana'. On two rank obelisks in the side bed as well as on a scaffolding in front of the carport wall, the French climbing rose 'Bienvenue' blooms into the autumn with densely filled, pink, strongly fragrant flowers.

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