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A narrow bed next to the property entrance is planted with numerous shrubs. Evergreen deciduous trees and conifers dominate the scenery. The planting is easy to maintain, but striking flowers are - except for the hydrangea in the foreground - rather scarce. A more balanced combination of perennials and flowering shrubs would greatly enhance the front garden bed.

Suggestion 1: Flower stars on a small area

Over the years, the ornamental shrubs in the front garden bed have become very dense. Therefore, all plants are removed except for the false cypress. At the same time, the roots should be dug up as much as possible and the soil then improved with a looser, humus-rich soil. Perennials, flowering shrubs and ornamental grasses provide the color - the latter structure the bed even in winter. While the miscanthus 'silver feather' is planted in the background, tuffs of lamprey grass and heron feather grass are distributed among the perennials.

Frontgarden Perennials Flowering shrubs Ornamental grasses

Colored accents are set by the flowering shrubs

From May, yellow lady's mantle blossoms, followed by purple steppe sage 'Ostfriesland', yellow-orange torch lily and yellow yarrow. From August, the flowers of the purple stonecrop, which is also decayed for a long time decorative, open. In the shrubs, the dwarf lilac starts in May with fragrant pink-purple Blütenrispen, from July attracts the blue-violet summer lilac glances and butterflies on itself. From August, the blue flowers open on the gray-felted branches of the bearded flower. If you cover the soil with a thick layer of grit after planting, weeds have little chance. The care is limited to the pruning of grasses, perennials, summer lilac and beard flower in the spring.

Suggestion 2: Rejuvenation cure for the narrow bed

Challenging is the transformation, if one changes the existing bed form and removes in the front area a corner of the bed. The existing retaining wall is laid backwards and creates a flat area that makes the overall situation appear more generous. A wig shrub high stems, accompanied by tuffs of blood grass and bearskin furs, fits into this. In between fine light gravel is distributed, to match different sized stone balls.

Gravel area with willow shrub high stems

The gravel area with the wig shrub high stems makes the front garden playful and fresher

In the remaining part of the bed, with the false cypress on the left and two rhododendrons (in front of the house), three evergreens are preserved from the old bed. In addition, cut book cubes are planted. In between there is space for white-flowering lavender and creeping flowers as well as red-leaved blood grass. Behind it extends an area of ​​gray-leaved cotton-Ziest. From July blooming steppe candle and silver candle stretch their flower stalks in the air. On the narrow side of the bed comes the sun-tolerant gold-edge Funkie 'Abba Dabba Do'. In addition, a second Wigs shrub high stems fits.

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