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When growing herbs in beds and pots, a walk through the garden becomes a sensual pleasure, especially when on hot summer days thyme, sage and rosemary release their essential oils and the air fills with their spicy aroma. But also to rub a few leaves of lemon balm or mint between the fingers, is always a pleasure - and as diverse as the different scents of herbs are, so varied are the design options with aromatic plants.

The classic place for herbs is the kitchen garden, where rows of parsley or chives grow between salad and cabbage. But now fennel and borage have conquered so many ornamental beds and like to share the place with flowering plants, annual summer flowers or even roses. Some aromatic plants such as Agastache and Indian Nettle (Monarda) can easily compete with the attractiveness of perennials. Conversely, however, a number of flowering plants, which until a few years ago were regarded as pure ornamental plants, are increasingly being discovered as an enrichment for the light summer kitchen - always provided that they are cared for purely biologically. The flowers of horned violets, daylilies, daisies and roses decorate, for example, colorful salad plates.

Suitable daylilies for consumption

Perennials with edible flowers enrich every herb garden - visually and culinary. Daylilies (Hemerocallis) can refine the summery salad

Who does not want to collect the individual ingredients in different places in the garden, creates a sunny bed near the kitchen, in which the flowering plants grow harvest ready between the favorite herbs. Even in pots and boxes, most aromatic plants feel comfortable, often in combination with perennials such as geraniums and magic bells - but they usually have to be supplied with water every day in the summer. Various sized terracotta pots, assembled as a group and planted with sun-loving species such as lavender, oregano, curry herb and basil, create a Mediterranean atmosphere that puts us in the holiday mood.

Aromatic joint filler

Herbs do not just look good in the bed. An idea for all who love it very naturally: joints between the pavement of the terrace and paths can be greened with flat upholstered plants. Above all, the various types of thyme are suitable because they tolerate good dryness, require little nutrients and are also resistant to a certain extent.

Herbs in joints

For greening of pavement joints, flat-growing herbs such as thyme are best

In sufficiently large joints can be put forward plants. Narrow spaces are best planted with seeds that are mixed with sand or compost into the cracks. There are also finished seed mixtures.

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Geranium and thyme

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Design ideas with herbs: plants

Design ideas with herbs: plants

Design ideas with herbs: plants


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Herbal plants as a companion

Design ideas with herbs: ideas

Classic balcony flowers such as geraniums can accompany the summer with herbs. The bright red flowers are particularly beautiful in addition to dark green thyme pads

Design ideas with herbs: summer

This potted garden has Mediterranean charm around the post of a pergola. A bougainvillea and a hydrangea complete the herbal arrangement

Design ideas with herbs: design

Scented nettles (Agastache) are a real eye-catcher with their violet and white inflorescences. Tea is made from their leaves. Also, the pink Indian armchair (Monarda) finds so use

Design ideas with herbs: herbs

The rosemary stems in the zinc pot can be well planted, here with thyme and geranium. Regular cutting keeps the crowns compact

Design ideas with herbs: summer

A lush bouquet of marigolds, borage, mallows and ball-leeks delights the gardener's heart. The vessel is an enamel bucket that emphasizes the rural charisma

Geranium and thyme

Bougainvillea and hydrangeas

Scented nettles and Indiana

Rosemary stems

Bouquet of different plants

Video: Planting flower box with herbs

In this video we show you how to make a flower box with herbs. Have fun while replanting!

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