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The most important rule of garden design also applies to the modern garden: the character of the garden should be adapted to the style of the house so that a harmonious whole is created. Accordingly, a garden with the same design language belongs to a modern house with clean lines.

The basic principle

The layout of the property in beds, paths and lawns is the first step in rebuilding your garden. Geometric shapes such as rectangles, triangles and circles lend themselves to this. With cut hedges of yew or hornbeam and brick raised beds you can divide the garden into different rooms. Paving strips for bordering of beds and water basins as well as low hedge strips or columnar trees for the subdivision of the planting surfaces are further popular elements in the modern garden.

Modern terrace

Terrace design with modern materials in clear, angular shapes

The role of the plant

Plants play a minor role in the modern garden. They must either submit to the game of form or be used very accentuated to break it. The form-clear architecture nevertheless clearly retains the upper hand. Instead of lush perennial beds, soloists usually come to the fore. The formal rigor of the architecture in the garden is achieved by straight-cut hornbeams, yew trees and hedges that give the place something straightforward, almost tidy.
In the modern garden, an aesthetic image is sought. However, this is only possible if all components are perfectly matched to each other in the correct proportion. The reduced use of plants is also seen as a continuation of the living space. The deliberate use of loose plant groups in the modern garden can also counteract the strict forms. Grasses in particular are often used by garden designers for this purpose, because their airy silhouettes make a delightful contrast to the heavy stone architecture.

construction materials

Corten steel bed surround

Corten steel sets as Beeteinfassung interesting accents

Typical materials are on the one hand classic building materials such as natural stone or clinker to secure seats and paths. But also concrete, which was frowned upon for a long time, comes again to new honors, prefers in form of large plain plates, which let for example a terrace appear very generous. Tip: The panels can be beautifully used in contrast to natural stones.
Fair-faced concrete walls, for example as privacy screens on the terrace or as a bed surround, are also popular. If a gray wall seems too cool, you'll miss a brisk coat of paint. "Do not be afraid of colors" is the motto in the modern garden! Warm, glowing colors such as red, yellow and orange in particular set sights that can not be overlooked. Particularly harmonious pictures emerge, if you pick up the colors in the choice of your flowering plants again.
Corten steel brings a special touch in the garden as a bedding border, privacy screen or simply as a decorative sculpture. An interesting rust patina covers this weather-resistant special steel and radiates a very natural flair. Violet perennials such as catnip (Nepeta faassenii), steppe sage and cranesbill, combined with tall grasses such as feather grass (Stipa), stand out in front of the warm rust tone very well and underline the natural character of the whole. Corten steel can also be used in combination with wood. A wooden deck for the seat is not only very inviting at the pond. Interestingly, different sized, spacious wooden decks and long narrow wooden walkways, which lead through lush perennial flowerbeds.

Further design ideas for modern gardens

Lawns are not always necessary in the modern garden. Alternatives for this are gravel or shaped surfaces, but also walk-in carpet shrubs such as the Roman chamomile are modern alternatives to the classic lawn.

Modern water garden

By using geometric shapes such as circles and rectangles different garden spaces are created. The use of upholstery as plate joints takes up the linear form

Gravel and grit are indispensable in the modern garden. They do not only offer themselves as a cheap covering for a seat. Scattered by groups of different sized pebbles and field stones, interesting garden landscapes can be created from gravel surfaces. Drought-loving perennials and grasses such as bearded iris, ornamental leek, noble rue (Artemisia), lavender, yarrow and perl grass feel well in such beds. If you like the soothing effect of different shades of green, you can create an atmospheric grass garden between gravel and stones, for example with impressive bamboo shoots, which are complemented by other picturesque grass species such as feather grass (Stipa), miscanthus (Miscanthus) and feathered grass (Pennisetum).

Straight stream

The element of water also plays an important role in the modern garden.A linear water basin with grass and gravel on both sides brings a quiet atmosphere to the garden

As with most garden styles, water is one of the most important design elements in the modern garden. Whether as a stream that meanders through a grassy and herbaceous landscape, as a flat rectangular or round pool of water or as a sophisticated water feature made of stone, glass and steel - everything is possible. To enjoy the calm radiance of a large still water surface, create a pool on the edge of the terrace or a separate seating area. In order to have a clear view of the water, you should not plant a part of the pool edge and also keep the water surface largely free of plants. For a stream is not only a meandering course. Also interesting is a linear fortified channel that interrupts a paved area and is fed by a rippling sourcestone with water.

Design proposal for a modern garden

The clear structure of the approximately 500 square meter garden makes it look very generous and quiet. The terrace consists of two different high wooden decks. This is followed by a pool of water and a large gravel area, which is broken by narrow stone slabs. Four hornbeams shade an elevated gravel area. It offers itself as another seat. Diagonal lavender hedges divide the beds along the property line. The highlight: Each lavender ribbon is made of a different variety of white, pink and dark purple. In between, sun-loving shrubs like Larkspur and Phlox bloom. The Swedish Whitebeam is underplanted with shadow shrubs.

Design proposal Modern Garden

Modern garden with clear geometric shapes and different materials

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