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The dream of own garden can often only be realized on a small plot. So many a wish must then be adapted to existing conditions or deleted altogether. Nevertheless, a small garden has as high a quality of stay as a large one if it is cleverly laid out.

The seat at the house is for many the heart of the garden, because here you spend the best time with the whole family and friends. Therefore, the area must not be too small, so that dining table and chairs, the grill, possibly even a few potted plants and two beach chairs can fit here. So plan at least twelve square meters, so that everything is not too crowded and the guests can sit comfortably.

Seating with dining table

A cozy sofa or a sofa set with dining table needs plenty of space. Plan therefore a generously dimensioned terrace at the house. Here shrub roses and hornbeam hedges ensure privacy

Small gardens with trees divided

The green of a garden, in addition to a lawn, usually consists of trees and shrubs and a wealth of perennials. The woody plants have several functions: they can cut hedges, such as yew or hornbeam, provide privacy and divide the property into different rooms. This makes the garden more exciting and visually larger, because you can not capture the entire system at a glance. It also creates small corners where family members can retreat to read a book or take a nap.

A deciduous tree gives the garden a special charisma. It reflects the changing seasons, provides pleasant shade on hot summer days and becomes more and more beautiful with age. In addition, a tree several meters high is a counterbalance to the massive shape of the house. That's why you should not give up even in small refuges and put a simply small-crowned copy. The selection is not even so limited: Among the most beautiful are certainly the variety-rich ornamental apple or the Japanese carnation cherry 'Kanzan'.

bright flowering plants

Ease moves into the garden and the property gets visually more space, especially if flowering plants with bright shades thrive there. In spring tulips and Schöterich delight in bright white

Columnar trees are suitable for mini-plots. Well, they can also be planted as a trio or as an accompanying series. In addition to varieties of hornbeam such as 'Fastigiata Monument' and 'Frans Fontaine' are also available Amberbaum 'Slender Silhouette' and column-rowan 'Fastigiata' under the deciduous trees to choose from. An attractive variety among the conifers is the column yew 'Fastigiata'.

Do not make perennial borders too colorful

The perennial flowerbed is appealing to many, if it is colorful and varied. Unfortunately, this can also seem inharmonious. If one forms a basic framework of several groups of a plant species when planning the perennial beds, the whole thing looks much calmer. If the beds are to look attractive for many weeks, it is preferable to focus on long-flowering perennials. These include various species of cranesbill, especially 'Rozanne'. Pleasure for many weeks prepare also steppe sage and girl eye. A refined effect is achieved with the choice of flower colors: A garden corner, planted with predominantly bright flowers and white variegated foliage, gives more space.

Water surface footbridge

A piece of heaven is brought to the garden with a pool of water. Because clouds and the constantly changing light are reflected in it - provided that the basin is largely kept free of plants

Also a water surface provides for this effect. Even a small pool of water on the terrace, on the surface of which you can watch the changing play of light, contributes to the relaxation.

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herbaceous border

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