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The usual in the garden disc form is rectangular and is created along the lawn or hedge. More exciting, however, comes from England originating form of the island bed, which can be easily inserted anywhere. Transitions from the terrace to the garden or between stairs and lawn look livelier through a planting. Venture into creative shapes - every garden has alternatives to rectangular discounts:

The island bed

An island bed is especially suitable for the presentation of special plants. Taking into account the height of growth, leaf shape and color, an effect is achieved which is scarcely possible in the classic discounts, which are viewed from one side only. Whether one decides on a combination of different species when planting or only limited to one plant group depends on the location, the garden style and the effect to be achieved. Magnificent perennials such as peonies, larkspur or irises bear lush flowers, while grasses convey a rural, quiet or exotic charm.

Garden Yucca

Perfectly staged, the yucca perches in its bed and can be viewed from all sides.

How it is done

Ornamental grass

A mini island bed in a modern design. Planting in a gravel area highlights the grass clearly.

Whether in the lawn or on a gravel surface: Measure and mark a round, oval or rectangular surface at the desired location, remove the top layer, deeply loosen the soil, fill up with nutrient-rich compost as needed and apply the selected plants. A cladding made of clinker bricks or a steel or wooden edge protects the edge in front of the lawnmower. A detailed guide to the installation of an island bed is available here.

Try new forms

An island bed has proved to be an all-round success, if everything was considered in the selection of the planting: gradation of the stature, different flowering times, attractive foliage forms and colors as well as different plant species (for example small trees or ornamental shrubs, roses, perennials, grasses and bulbs). A three-dimensional framework always has an exciting effect when designing an exposed version, while a planting with a uniform growth height and harmonious color gradation gives a calm impression.

Botanical Garden Triangle

A triangular bed shape is well suited to visually shorten a large lawn area.

The stripe bed

Even with lack of space and little arable land, there are decorative solutions. Long and narrow, a so-called striped bed blends in perfectly with the terrace, in front of the view-screen hedge or between the path and the house wall. In such protected locations, the wind and weather-sensitive plants find their optimal place. In a curved shape, plant strips relax the overall design or limit seats. If you place the beds across the viewing direction, they visually shorten long plots of land. In addition, small discounts act as room dividers for various garden areas. Masonry beds contribute to the height graduation in the garden.

Flowers wall garden

The colorful pansies are visually enhanced by the brick bed and placed in the field of vision.

Little space, a lot of effect

Garden Arbor

A harmonious design is created when architecture and planting harmonize with each other in color and form.

The smaller the space in the garden, the less plant species you should set. Therefore choose compact and stable varieties, e.g. Larkspur of the Belladonna Group or Beard Iris of the Media Group. Accompanying perennials and grasses trump when you plant them in larger quantities. Since a strip bed is usually very narrow and therefore can rarely be created so that there is always something blooming, you are limited in the selection better on one or two seasons, in which it then becomes a special eye-catcher.

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