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In addition to the above-mentioned use in the kitchen, various low and high species are also popular ornamental plants. They fit well in prairie bed or are often planted as a bed of beet, like the boar's eye. Low, partly creeping species such as the dwarf silver rhombus (Artemisia schmidtiana 'Nana') are also suitable as easy-care ground cover or as a companion for magnificent perennials. In the bed design, they are a feast for the eyes, especially in combination with blue and purple flowering plants. The silver rue 'Silver Queen' (Artemisia ludoviciana) is often used as a rose companion - its essential oils are designed to eliminate pests such as aphids.

With their pleasant scent and their silvery, feathered leaves Artemisia species are also interesting for floristry.


Cut back all diamonds in late spring. In winter, the old foliage should remain on the plant, because it serves as a natural antifreeze. The shrubs should not be taken back into the heavily woody part, because this can endanger the new boom. Who wants to cut off the shrubs for visual reasons already in the fall, they should then mulch with leaves.

care Tips

The plants are very frugal and manage with a minimum of care. However, sparsely growing species should be shared every few years to keep them alive. Fertilization is hardly, watered also only in prolonged drought.


One and perennial wild species of rhomboids can be sowed in the spring. The staudig growing varieties are usually propagated by division, shrubs also by cuttings.

Diseases and pests

Occasionally Artemisia species are attacked by pyralids. These are small moths whose larvae live on the plants and pupate in their stems. With catch lamps that attract the animals, a strong spread can be prevented. Occasionally it can also come to an infestation with aphids. However, the plants are largely immune to fungal diseases.

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