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Onions from their garden last up to half a year or even longer if stored properly. But also the onions sold in small nets in the trade keep their taste and their freshness all the more, if kept cool and dark.
In both cases, however, care should be taken to store onions as far away from other food as possible so that they do not take on the taste and smell of the onions.
Harvest onions
Onions from their own garden are ripe for harvesting when their foliage wilts and is mostly dried up. Then the onions are taken out of the ground and freed from the adhering soil. Then they are first spread out on a walkway or other paved area in the garden so they can dry. With a large amount, it makes sense to wait for a day when it will certainly stay dry, but if necessary, smaller quantities can be dried on a covered area.
In general, bulbs dry faster and better in dry and sunny weather than on days when it rains and the humidity is accordingly high. The harvest of onions is best started in the early morning, as this leaves enough time until the evening for the drying process.
Dry onions after harvest
In the evening, the onions are collected again. Traditionally, they are plaited to braids with their foliage and then hung up. In general, it is also sufficient to tie together the leaves of ten onions with a single band and then hang them up in a cold and dark room. For this, the basement is best, as far as it is not heated, otherwise, another building in the garden as the tool shed in question. Instead of hanging the onions so that they can continue to dry, it is also possible to place them side by side in a wooden box. In this case, the bulbs should be turned off and turned on in the following weeks so that they can dry from all sides.
Store onions
If the onions are sufficiently dry, they can be put into a storage container such as a wooden box. Similarly, this is a slightly larger network that is best hung on the ceiling. Before that, however, you should sort out mildewed or damaged onions and, if possible, use them directly in the kitchen.
For the longer storage of onions is a space in which the temperature is just above freezing. It is important, however, above all, that this room is dark, otherwise the onions begin to easily expel again. In addition, the onions should not be moved if possible, then they last for months and are usually enough for a correspondingly large harvest until next spring.
Keep small quantities correctly
For a small amount of onions bought in a bag in a supermarket, it is not worth creating a special bin in the basement. They are best kept in a clay pot, which should have some holes, so that the onions are aerated. This pot is best placed in a dark and unheated room, for example in a small pantry next to the kitchen.

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