Diseases and pests on deciduous trees

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Snowball beetles cause pitting

A garden could be so beautiful if there were not so many diseases. Hardly any other plant is resistant to diseases and pests. Also deciduous shrubs can be infested.

Caterpillars, leaf spots and Co.
Spider moths, leaf spots, etc. - these are the diseases and pests that can cause decaying shrubs. Here is a list of the most common diseases and pests on deciduous trees. Of course, there are also for each pest or for each disease some methods of control, which we would like to introduce you here as well.

Diseases and pests on deciduous trees

  1. Cobweb moths: A web covers deciduous trees in spring. There are yellowish-white caterpillars that eat the plant bald. The webs must be removed over a large area and the remaining caterpillars shaken off and collected. For this you should put a cloth under the tree.
  2. Leaf spots: This fungus disease manifests itself in brown to black spots, often with red edges, which damage the plant. Affected plant parts must be cut off. But not in wet weather, otherwise the risk of infection is greater.
  3. Snowball Beetle: These beetles cause a pitting in the leaves of the snowball. The beetles are yellowish to light brown. The only possibility: From May, examine the plant for beetles and collect.
  4. Scale lice: These pests absorb the plant on the stems, veins and leaves. Honeydew can arise. Heavily affected plant parts must always be cut off, otherwise you can also collect the pests.

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