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Hornets are protected and therefore can not be fought or even killed. They may only be gently expelled from their own area, for example, the terrace, but in no case may the hornet's nest and the people of this damage. If it is recognized early in the year that the Hornet Queen is looking for a nesting site, then measures for gentle expulsion may be taken before a nest is built.

Observe nature conservation

Hornets are under nature conservation, that is, the animals must not be harmed. They must not be fought, their nests must remain over the summer where they were built. Only in isolated cases, the conservation authority agrees to a community relocation, which must be carried out by experts. But gently with a fragrance, the individual hornets may be expelled from the apartment or the terrace. Actually, these animals are not aggressive and only attack when they see themselves, their people or their queen threatened in the nest. Above all, the insects are also capable of learning and fly places that indicate to them by a smell that they are not desired, not even at.


For example, if a nest has been found under the roof ridge or a roller box that is not removed here, the animals can often be found on the terrace. Especially with a cozy get-together, this can be annoying. The remedy is to place food that pleases the animals and place it in a different location for distraction. Then the insects no longer fly directly to the terrace and the seat, but directly to the food source. The following can be used for the distraction feed:
  • ripe fruits
  • Grapes, ripe apples or stone fruit are among them
  • These cut open, so the scent is better exuded
  • put in trays and set up
Tip: If food is set up for distraction, make sure that it is not placed in the immediate vicinity of a popular playground for children to play in the garden. Then the terrace is freed from the animals, the meadow where the ball is played, but not. Therefore, the place for this must be carefully selected.

Plants for the expulsion

Occasionally, plants can be used to drive out the hornets or that they do not even find their way into the home or garden. If these plants are placed in strategically favorable locations, then the animals go around the house and garden, if the nest is not right next to the house. But even then, these plants can interfere with the trajectory, and the animals will then avoid flying through windows into the apartment or onto the terrace when the plants stand in their way. These plants include:
  • tomatoes
  • basil
  • lavender
  • mint
  • lemon balm
  • incense plant
Tip: All of these plants, which as a rule emit an intense, pleasant scent for humans, can therefore be distributed in pots around the terrace, in various places in the garden as well as on the window sills of the open windows.

Expel with fire and smoke

If individual animals get lost in the search for food in the garden, so there is no nest in their own garden, then they can be well displaced by fire and especially the resulting smoke. Thus, the grill can be fanned on the lawn, the animals disappear immediately from the environment in which the smoke rises. However, caution should be exercised when the hornet nest is in close proximity to the source of the fire and the smoke is passing over. Then the animals feel attacked and will defend their nest with attack, which can lead to many stab wounds in such a case.

Eliminate food sources


Hornets can be attracted by certain plants in the garden. Therefore, if every year a new people has settled in their own garden or on the house, then these should remove very attractive food sources for the animals from the garden. These include trees that have a very juicy stem, such as lilac or birch. But even if the fruit is not harvested in autumn, but ends up as a fallen fruit in the meadow, this can mean that many hornets find their way into the garden. Therefore, it is advisable to harvest especially apples, grapes or stone fruit before. On the other hand, only the felling of the trees helps to approach the juicy trunks. But more often, the animals get lost in the apartment, also here should be paid to the following:
  • Keep fruit or other fragrant foods under glass
  • so the animals do not recognize the scent
  • they do not even fly into the apartment through an open window
  • Once they have been attracted by the smell, they come again
Tip: It is better if there are hornets in the garden every year, the places in which the young queens build their nests in the spring to protect already in winter, for example, as described with clove oil and thus make them useless for the animals. You do not have to cut down beautiful trees to keep the hornets out.
Anyone who finds a hornet nest in his garden or at the house must not destroy it or drive the entire hornet from his nest. Only single hornets, which should not reach the apartment or the terrace, may be gently driven away with various measures and odors. So plants or bowls with one or the other smell can be placed on window sills or around the terrace, so that a natural scent barrier does not allow the hornets to fly in here. Otherwise, it means spending a summer with the animals and taking action against nest building next spring.

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