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Hardly any topic leads to as many neighborhood disputes as noise. Legal regulations can be found in the Equipment and Machine Noise Ordinance. Thereafter, motor-operated lawnmowers may be operated on working days in the residential, spa and clinic areas from 7 am to 8 pm. The devices have to rest on Sundays and public holidays. These rest periods also apply to other loud garden tools such as hedge trimmers, chainsaws and grass trimmers.
A still relatively new segment is the robotic lawnmower: they are usually on the road for several hours a day. Many manufacturers advertise their devices as very quiet, and in fact, some only reach 60 decibels. But it is not legally clear how many hours a day the robots are allowed to drive uninterruptedly, because there are no single case judgments yet. The best thing is - as in all cases - an arrangement with the neighbors. The operating times of a robot can be programmed so that mutually agreeable solutions should be implemented.

Regulations for noisy garden tools

Particularly noisy equipment may only be used on workdays from 9am to 1pm and from 3pm to 5pm. But what does "particularly noisy" mean? The legislature gives the following characteristics: For cutting widths up to 50 centimeters - ie larger hand-held lawnmowers - 96 decibels must not be exceeded, with cutting widths smaller than 120 centimeters (including the usual lawn tractors and Aufsatzm├Ąher fall), 100 decibels as a limit. You will usually find the information in the operation manual or on the lawnmower itself.
If the device carries an eco-label according to the European Parliament's Regulation (EU Ecolabel), it is not particularly noisy. Municipalities may stipulate additional rest periods in their regulations (for example, from noon to 3 pm). For professional gardeners who care about the city park, other rest periods apply.

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