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You would like to get a little closer to your subconscious sensations? A divining rod should be a good way to get ahead in this direction. Whether it can detect water or earth rays, however, is a very different matter, about which you will learn in addition to the instructions for the construction of dowsers also some things worth thinking about:
Why do you need a divining rod?
If you have asked yourself exactly what (in the name of heaven's sake) given the title of the article, first of all a few explanatory words are appropriate:

  • With a divining rod living and working environments are examined for "harmful emissions"
  • What does not mean the always bad-humored roommate, but, for example, earth rays (more on the below)
  • Even electrosmog should be detected by dowsing rods
  • If you want to build a well, you need to know where to find water in the soil, and that too should be done by dowsing
  • If you hire a dowser for such tasks, you will incur considerable costs
  • A house and apartment inspection is offered from 250, - €, but limited to a few rooms
  • Each room costs more extra, the investigation of a building plot or land starts at 350, - €, the search for wells at about 400, - €
Muteness (as dowsing is called by dowsers) should be a sensitive faculty that every human being potentially possesses. The handling of the divining rod should be learnable, by training the sensitive perception, to the detection of harmful radiation without rod or other aids. This as long as possible before the first concrete search in their own environment, because who deals with the reading of the operation of a divining rod, learns quickly that it is practice, practice, practice. The idea behind it is that we subconsciously know exactly what the divining rod indicates. It only helps us to "track down" our subconscious mind by making the message of the subconscious more explicit like a kind of amplifier. It is clear that this exact listening is not possible without practice. Musicians with absolute hearing have not discovered their talent as a baby when listening to the first lullaby. There are experience reports of dowsers who have been busy for almost a decade almost daily with the exercises described in the instructions and still make mistakes according to their own information. Please do not expect any miracles, but there would be an answer for everything, including a completely new view of the world. It is not entirely certain that the blind test recommended for reviewing your own progress (5 glasses under paper bags, 4 empty, one full of water) is really serious.
The purchasable and the own dowsing rod
Of course, to get started with the daily exercises, you need your own dowsing rod. There are ready dowsing rods to buy, but it seems to take a lot of information to find the right dowser (or one that does not break very quickly). In addition, the training of personal sensory perception is a very personal thing to which a home-made divining rod seems to fit well. Purists therefore prefer to start building their own divining rod, but there are also a few different ways to make a divining rod:
Different types of divining rods
There are not only different dowsers, but the different types of dowsing rods should also be able to answer different questions:
1. Traditional: dowsing willow wood
The classic dowsing willow wood looks like a "Y" with extended lower length. They are created simply and inexpensively from a suitable branch fork. These rods should be able to display "YES" and "NO", well suited for outdoor use, but usually turn out to be too bulky inside. With them, fault zones such as water veins, etc. should be found, but not for a long time, they must be renewed again and again. The willow wood dowsing rod must always be operated with both hands, which is a hindrance to dowsers who need a hand as a sensor to absorb vibrations.
2. The angle rod
The angle rod looks like two metal bars with handles at the bottom, so there are actually two angle rods, one for each hand. They should be able to display "YES", "NO", "THERE" and be suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Advanced take only one angle rod in their main hand and so have the other hand as a sensor free.
3. The one-handed rod
The one-hand rod looks like a "whip for Brutalos", it consists of handle, (metal) rod and weight (ball or ring).It vibrates in four directions, indicating "YES", "NO" and two more statements, already quite extensive communication with the subconscious. It is used indoors, outside it works only in absolute calm.
4. The pendulum
The pendulum works quite similar to the divining rod (make the unconscious experience) and is therefore included here. It consists of thread and weight (many of us know better than solder), "can" like the one-handed rod four movements and can therefore answer four questions. Some limit the pendulum to the interior and the sitting at the table, some commute with the keychain on the tape in the supermarket the perfect cucumber...
DIY instructions for building a divining rod yourself
If you have any idea which dowsing rod might be yours, you can start building:
1. Traditional: dowsing willow wood
Willow wood diverters can be built in two ways:
a) The classic willow dowser
  • For this dowsing rod you first look for a branch fork, which has the shape of a "Y"
  • The whole branch should have about forearm length and about thumb thick be
  • It should also work with a hazelnut branch, but pastures are generally considered water pointers
  • Willow wood also contains a lot of water, which is supposed to make a better connection to the element
  • That would probably have the man alone, which probably contains more water with about 70% than a willow rod...
  • But no matter, pasture should also be well suited, because the tail takes a long time, until it is dry and can no longer muten
  • This branch is carefully cut off and then nicely smoothed
  • The side branches are cut away, the bark removed, possibly the branch is smoothed
  • This completes the self-made dowsing rod, the fork is taken in both hands
  • The palms face up, the thumbs are on the fork
  • The "stem" of the "Y" points forward and slightly upwards
  • Now you should pull apart the fork slightly, until slight tension arises, and place the elbows on the ribs
  • And get started, focused on what you want to find
  • If the dowser finds something (eg a water vein), it should move forwards and downwards
  • In the case of the water vein, however, it should be remembered that groundwater usually appears flat and does not flow in subterranean "veins"
b) Traditional dowsing twig from a willow branch
  • Cut a willow branch (a willow rod)
  • Bend it in the middle and put it under tension by twisting it at the kink point
  • Now you have a twisted "V" at the open ends of which you should touch
  • The two ends to touch are bent outwards right and left
  • Now you need another human (or a third arm)
  • The "V", while holding the rod, is turned between your hands down to the belly, up the front around the lateral creases
  • So that you still hold the ends in your hands and point the tip of the "V" horizontally away from the body
  • And want to snap back, what you prevent by imagining the thumb
  • So you can then start to search, near a water vein, the tail should tilt towards the thumb pressure down
  • How to tell if the rod was following the water or your thumb should be taken from the instructions on how to walk.
2. Build an angle rod yourself
  • You need two laundry hangers made of thin wire
  • Snap the hanger off with the pliers
  • Bend the bar until a right angle is created
  • The former shoulder part take you in the hand
  • This hand-side should be so long, that over the forefinger 2 cm place to the tail and stick out about 2 cm from the hand
  • The former cross wire, the long side, becomes the tail, it is buttoned at desired length
  • That should be somewhere between 36 and 42 cm and would be to be tested, laundry hangers are usually enough
3. The one-handed rod
Building one-hand rods should be so difficult that usually the purchase is recommended. To load them in such a way that they vibrate properly, should be just as difficult as to produce sufficient stability (the wrong wire bends quickly). Experiments with long thin spits, on the front of a cork ball speared, come to mind as quickly as the riding crop with wooden ring in front in the "beat" (the soft leather loop), but appropriate construction manuals or experience with such one-hand rods are not available.
4. The pendulum
As I said, it consists of a thread and a weight and usually does not have to be made extra, a necklace with a pendant is enough. The alternatives: Esoteric and cost-intensive or secular and inexpensive
Commission the diviner
For many people before the construction of their own dowsing rod an obvious idea, to see even once "how that makes". The difficulty here is the assessment of whether and to what extent a particular dowser has already penetrated into his subconscious mind.At you can see how dowsers and commuters are being tested, so they did not cut very well. But that was on TV, the excitement, and anyway, the atmosphere? Order your dowser and secure yourself financially: Serious dowsers should always ask for a (reasonable) fee only after proof of their success, so when looking for water only when water was found in the amount and depth determined by dowsing rod. If you want to get an idea of ​​the whole area of ​​knowledge, you can start on The rashes of a divining rod, however, were already explained in the 19th century by involuntary muscle twitching of the dowser, see Society for the Scientific Investigation of Parasitic Sciences e.V., If you do not find a trustworthy dowsing enthusiast so quickly, you could simply train yourself to become a professional dowser, training as a dowser (with certificate) is available from 39, - €, see Luebbecke / Luebbecke / 4906515_Ausbildung_zum_Rutengaenger.html.
Ask more suitable "Mum"
Muten comes from Mutung, as was previously called the mining permit by the competent authority, with the land has the Muten so certainly something to do. Even today, however, there are experts in German authorities working on the land who are not dependent on dowsers. Groundwater information from your local authority may vary depending on the location of the property, eg. For example, if this is within a range of which the data is known to be free. But even in special cases only fees in the small double-digit range come to you, not hundreds of euros. It would certainly be exciting to learn (but hardly be determined for data protection reasons), if and how often the dowsers working in a particular region obtain groundwater information from the authorities...
The thing about electrosmog
Not only dowsers, but also state authorities are responsible for electrosmog. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection has extensive information on electromagnetic fields and all other worrying radiations in our world at Whether electrosmog should cause concern and whether he is able to cause discomfort, is still scientifically researched and until then controversial. At the moment, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection pragmatically recommends reducing permanently active electrical fields in the living environment where this is not possible. This means z. As easy to turn off as many electrical appliances as possible completely, with a switch on a power strip, which can operate the stand-by mode of multiple devices. What is completely switched off, consumes no electricity and saves noticeably money, up to 100, - € a year brings the abandonment of standby by the average family.
The "earth rays"
Earth radiation exists, even quite a few, the phenomenon of the earth rays and the divining rod requires some classification:
a) Earth radiation or terrestrial radiation is scientifically proven in several respects. It is the omnipresent radiation on Earth caused by radionuclides in the soil. These radionuclides were introduced into the soil billions of years ago by stellar nucleosynthesis, they mainly emit gamma radiation and will do so for a while due to their long half-lives until decay. These earth rays come in particular from:
  • Thorium-232, with 14 billion years half-life
  • Uranium-238, with 4.4 billion years half-life
  • Uranium-235, with 700 million years half-life
  • Potassium-40, with 1.3 billion years half-life
If the gaseous radioactive decay products of these substances (radon, for example) rise from the ground and may possibly be inhaled, the beta radiation also becomes radiation exposure. Such natural radionuclides in soils, rocks and air are contained in almost every building material and are released by combustion of coal. In fact, every year around 10,000 tons of uranium and 25,000 tons of thorium are released worldwide by coal, which is burned for power generation. Terrestrial radiation, like any ionizing radiation, can damage living cells, cause cancer, or alter or destroy the genetic material, known to miners is a particular form of lung cancer, formerly called Schneeberger's disease. The "allowed" but also until 1955 to 1500 mSv / a (Millisievert per year), to 1975 to 50 mSv / a or from 1976 get 20 mSv / a, values ​​and limits for the normal population are quite different:
The average German is burdened with 0.4 mSv / a terrestrial radiation. In addition, there is cosmic radiation, the less the atmosphere protects the earth, the more.It increased by 20 percent between 2004 and 2009, averaging an average effective ground dose of about 0.3 mSv per year (2.35 mSv / a for flight crew). In addition, the natural radionuclides in water and food, in total, each person from natural sources with an average of 2.4 mSv per year irradiated, plus an average of about 1.9 mSv / a by medical application such as X-rays and chemo, makes 4.3 round mSv. In addition to this natural and medical radiation exposure, the German Radiation Protection Ordinance sets a limit of 1 mSv if private persons expose themselves to planned exposure situations (it is not difficult to reach the frequent flyer according to the values ​​for flight personnel). So if you want to learn something about exposure to radiation, you could first of all deal with the scientific facts. Those who want to reduce their exposure to radiation could work to get rid of coal-based power and fly less (for example, everyone can do a lot more for a healthier environment) before dealing with unsafe earth radiation:
b) Terrestrial terrestrial radiation has nothing to do with the earth's rays which are to be detected with dowsing rods. On the contrary, these earth rays are radiesthetic phenomena, to which astronomers who believe in radiesthesia have effects on their health. Radiesthesia teaches that all kinds of radiation have effects on organisms that can be recognized by the most radiant people and described in their effects. It is scientifically classified as para-science (if scientific claim is made) or as pseudo-science (if pure faith reaches the most sensitive people).
The earth radiation of the radiestheses should be triggered by water veins, warping and grids (Benkergitter, Curry grid, Hartmann grid or networks), but so far could never be detected (as well as their perception by sensitive people). In 1950, the science of the world decided that these earth rays do not exist (, according to the current state of research, it is no different, which is why it is rather difficult, a reputable source to name their classification. The effectiveness of the nocebo effect is well-known: If you let a person you think wiser than yourself convince you that you are sleeping badly without an earth-radiation suppression device or an earth-radiation shielding device, this could actually happen, regardless of how you use one dowsing...
Dowsing rods are likely to fascinate anyone with plenty of creative imagination. There is no objection to the construction of a divining rod, training of one's own sensitivity and mindfulness and creative craftsmanship never hurts, and perhaps even very subtle disturbing earth rays are discovered. Until then, however, it is probably important above all to keep away from all people who are concerned with such earth rays u. Ä. want to earn money.

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