Build a bridge on the pond made of wood

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Especially with larger ponds in the garden is often also a wooden bridge with planned. Because of this, the garden pond can be beautified once again and in any case also gains in charm.
The wooden dock at the garden pond is of course also a perfect place to bask in the sun in the summer or to watch the fish in the garden pond and feed from there.
A wooden bridge for the garden pond can be ordered from the carpenter, but of course it is also possible to build it yourself.
If you want to build a bridge at the pond made of wood, then it is also important that the right wood is selected for this purpose. For even if you would not necessarily accept it at first glance, a jetty on the pond is exposed to high loads. On the one hand, the jetty at the pond is naturally also exposed to the weather in the open air.
The bridge has to withstand moisture and cold, but also great heat, whereby the material must not deteriorate significantly over the years here. In addition, the jetty on the pond but also be accessible. For this reason, the bridge at the pond must also be stable enough to withstand these stresses.
Which type of wood is suitable?
If you want to build a bridge at the pond of wood, it is therefore important to find the right type of wood, which is weather-resistant and can also have the required degree of stability, so that the bridge can be charged accordingly.
Of course, the garden owner is also particularly interested in the appearance of the bridge at the pond made of wood. For this reason, a wood should be selected, which can also meet the requirements in optical terms. In addition, it is of course also possible to paint the bridge on the pond made of wood without any problems.
Well-planned planning in advance is essential
In order to be able to build a jetty on the pond of wood itself, this work should precede a detailed planning. So the place of installation should be measured exactly. Here, the bridge should be planned so that a part of it can be anchored in the bank.
It is also essential to adjust the feet of the bridge, which reach into the water exactly. Here, a flat surface must be created under the pile. Of course it is ideal to ram the piles into the ground, but with a pond with foil this is usually not possible.
The icing on the cake: the weather protection
First, for the bridge at the pond the frame is built, which consists of the piles and the frame struts. The frame itself often consists of massive squared-up squadrons.
They also represent the connection to the piles on which the bridge is to rest later. It is advisable to use not just two, but three squadrons in length, so that the weight that acts on the crossbars can be divided.
On this frame then the crossbars can be built on which you can finally commit the bridge. Suitable connections should be used for the connections.
It is of course ideal if the individual wooden parts can be connected to the bridge with screw and threaded rods that sit firmly. Of course, the wooden bridge on the pond should also be painted. Also, if no color change is desired, a clear coat helps to impregnate the bar for the pond and thus better protect it from the weather.

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