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Dog barking: when is it disturbance? - Information and judgments: information

Dogs are among the most popular pets besides cats. In contrast to the tiger tigers, however, dogs can cause significant noise pollution. Litigation over barking dogs regularly occupy the courts. And so many good neighborhoods have already gone to pieces. There are precise specifications as to when and how long a dog may bark. Stupid only that the animals do not know about it.


Barking is a form of communication of the dog and its by far the most common vocalization. How pronounced and how long a dog barks depends on the breed and the socialization of the animal. According to researchers, there are six reasons why dogs bark at all. By far the most common cause is the desire for attention. In addition, frustration, joy, anxiety, nervousness and a perceived threat can cause the barking. The dog reacts instinctively. However, there is also a connection between the education of the animal and the attention it receives from its owner. Man is also first and foremost the recipient of barking.

problem situation

Loud and frequent dog barking can become a major problem. Above all, neighbors often feel extremely annoyed and disturbed in their rest. It usually does not matter if a dog is only kept in the apartment or in the garden may run around freely. The potential for annoyance depends both on the volume and the frequency. Conflicts with neighbors arise regularly because dog owners can not or do not want to stop the constant barking. This is especially true for dogs that are kept outdoors or allowed to stay in the garden for a long time. Being bothered by dog ​​barking has nothing to do with lewdness or a lack of animal love. On the contrary, loud barking is actually a considerable noise annoyance.

Dog barking - disturbing the peace?

Against this background, it must now have become clear that there are no precise legislator-defined information on dog barking. Decisive are therefore the previous judgments. Although they have no general legal validity, but are regularly used by other courts as a kind of guideline. Basically, there must be no noise from a barking dog. The question is, however, from when it is really a noise pollution. A few examples may clarify this and give an approximate orientation:
Continuous barking
The Higher Regional Court (OLG) Hamm has already decided in April 1988 that a continuous, permanent barking of half an hour a day is unreasonable. In this case, it is therefore possible to speak clearly about an inadmissible noise nuisance. This must then be turned off by the dog owner. (Higher Regional Court Hamm, judgment of 11 April 1988, ref.: 22 U 265/87)
Barking during the rest periods
In November 1989, the Higher Regional Court of Hamm also decided that dog barking is not reasonable during rest periods, night time, lunchtime and on Sundays and public holidays. Also in this case, the dog owner must ensure that the barking is omitted. If he does not do so, a fine will be due. (OLG Hamm, judgment of 16.11.1989, Az.: 22 U 249/89)
Dog barking at intervals
The district court (AG) Bremen has judged in May 2006 that a barking in intervals or "in the duet" in periods of one to three hours is unreasonable, even if the dog or barking thereby always only one to five minutes. (AG Bremen, judgment of 05. May 2006, ref.: 7 C 240/2005)
Note: A short bark, which can not be influenced by the dog owner, must always be accepted. Consequently, this is not a noise annoyance, even if some of it can be frightened.

rest periods

As already mentioned, the rest periods associated with dog barking play a major role. In these times actually rest is supposed to prevail. They serve the recreation and the silence. A barking dog would be extremely disturbing and undermine the meaning of such times. Rest periods are basically the time between 22 o'clock in the evening and 6 o'clock in the morning (night rest) as well as the midday time between 12 o'clock and 15 o'clock. In addition, the Sundays and holidays are the rest periods in which there must be no barking dogs.
Tip: Rest periods play an important role for garden owners. What you are allowed to do during the rest period in the garden and what does not normally regulate a special charter of the municipality or the city in which you live. It is therefore advisable to have a close look at these articles in order to avoid possible inconvenience.

Reaction to dog bark

Dog barking - disturbing the peace?

Of course, dogs that bark a lot and persistently can also get rid of this behavior - irrespective of the breed and the age of the animal. There are very specific tricks and training methods that always deduct a behavior change. Of course, coercion or even violence should not play a role. They also do nothing, but make the situation worse. It is best to get advice from the dog expert, for example, in dog schools. Very often, working with the dog in a targeted manner not only leads to excessive barking, but also to a closer, more intensive relationship between owner and animal.

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