Dog repellent in the garden by ultrasound - does it really work?

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Dog excrement in the garden

If the garden is contaminated with the excrement of foreign dogs and they dig up the flowerbeds, then quickly turns into a frustrating situation for the garden owner. Despite the fences and walls, dogs often find a loophole somewhere to enter the garden unnoticed. In this problem, ultrasonic waves are ideal for dog defense and are not dangerous for the animals. The sound takes place on an extremely high frequency, which can not be perceived by humans. Therefore, the ultrasonic defense disturbs only the dogs and not the garden owners and their neighbors. Dogs find the high frequencies permanently annoying and avoid the ultrasound areas. The devices are easy to install, in contrast to the construction of high fences as protection against unauthorized intruders. But even your own dogs can be educated with the ultrasound devices and keep away from certain garden areas.
  • Sound waves are very uncomfortable for dogs
  • As a result, these avoid the sonicated place
  • Ultrasonic tone only starts when needed
  • Motion detector with infrared registers the approaching dog
  • Also works in absolute darkness
  • Also suitable for the defense of other animals
  • Also expels cats, badgers, martens, raccoons and deer
  • Protects the garden from destruction and pollution
  • Devices work safely without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins
  • Careful for the environment and the people
  • Ideal for use in family gardens with children playing


Dog excrement in the garden

The dog terrors by ultrasound can be attached in various ways, depending on the type of device. It depends above all on the appropriate environment and the respective requirements. Due to the size of dogs, ultrasounds should reach their height. If the device hangs too high, it creates a large blind spot and the area underneath the device is not monitored. In addition, the motion detector should be checked regularly, as this often can not work properly due to dirt.
  • Battery powered devices can be deployed anywhere
  • Long battery life, about 6-12 months
  • Either put devices in the ground or hang them up
  • Completely wind and weatherproof
  • Ideally attach the device between the ankle and the knee
  • Do not hang too high up
  • For higher mounting tilt slightly forward
  • Clean equipment regularly and thoroughly
  • Free from leaves and other debris
  • Check batteries periodically
  • In mains operation sockets are required
  • Regularly check network operation for proper functioning

Video Board: Test of ultrasonic cat repellent.

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