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Seduce dormouse - so catch the animal in the house: trap

The dormouse is undoubtedly one of the most annoying pests that can be caught in the house. He likes to nest in the attic and often does considerable damage there. But above all it annoys when the nocturnal animals bring you to sleep. Unlike other pests, dormice are not allowed to be killed. You have to get rid of them differently.


The dormouse is a nocturnal rodent resembling a squirrel in the size of a mouse and in the shape. He can live for up to nine years and is easily able to climb walls and trees. In the wild, he prefers to sleep and nest in tree holes. In residential areas, attics and trusses seem to magically attract him. They provide plenty of protection during the day while sleeping. In addition, it is relatively warm there and the nearest source of food is not far away. Due to its nocturnal hikes it can lead to considerable noise disturbances. In addition, odor and odor caused by feces and urine. Once a dormouse has chosen an attic as its habitat, it is more difficult to expel it. Incidentally, he should have his name from the fact that he hibernates about seven months.


Dormouse are considered endangered species in almost all Western European countries. They are therefore specially protected and must not be killed easily. In order to get rid of a single dormouse or a dormouse family, therefore, no poison or traps may be used, in which the animals could be harmed. This makes them very different from other pests in the house such as mice or rats. But above all, it makes the fight harder. The only legal and effective way to bring a dormouse out of the house is to catch live and then move on to another habitat.

home remedies

If it is a dormouse to distribute, you are looking for proven home remedies, with which this can be accomplished. Anyone who listens to acquaintances or informs on the Internet will come across numerous tips in this regard. For example, it is recommended that the attic be temporarily lit with loud music or generally with penetrating tones. Even penetrating odors should help, so that the animal seeks the distance. But the truth behind all these tips is that they are not really reliable and, most importantly, not sustainable. A dormouse, for example, who has been driven away by loud music, will almost certainly return once it is quiet again. Incidentally, even ultrasound machines, such as those used to combat martens, do not seem to impress the dormouse.



When a pest infestation in the house or in the apartment many people call the exterminator. As a professional, he knows exactly what he has to do to kill the unwanted house guests. As a rule, toxins are then used. However, as the dormouse can not be killed, even a professional pest controller can help only conditionally. He, too, has no choice but to catch the animal alive. But that takes patience and costs a lot of time - time, of course, must be paid. Although a consultation by an exterminator is certainly not wrong. But it is good to do the actual catching action yourself.


The most important tool to catch a dormouse is the so-called live trap. In contrast to a classic mouse or rat trap, the animal is not killed here but merely locked up. If the trap snaps, it can lead to significant stress reactions in the captured dormouse, but it will definitely survive. In principle, such a live trap is a cage with a special mechanism. If the dormouse initiates this mechanism by entering the cage, the trap is closed and the way out is reliably blocked. There are no special traps for dormice. It is therefore best to rely on live traps for mice or rats from a stable wire mesh back. These are available in stores from ten euros.


Of course, it also needs a lure, so a bait that brings the dormouse in the first place to enter the trap. One should not be fooled: Dormouse are intelligent animals that know their territory exactly. If there is suddenly a new part in it, this is first eyed suspiciously. It takes good arguments to get the animals to literally fall into the trap.A treat is just as much an argument. Fresh apple slices, for example, exert a great attraction on the small rodents. In addition, a special mixture has proved its worth, which can be produced very easily. For this you need the following ingredients:
  • peanut butter
  • not in alcoholated raisins
  • fine or coarse oatmeal
  • some water
The ingredients are stirred in a bowl with a clean spoon and then formed from the mass loose lumps. These lumps are then placed in the cage. Above all, the peanut butter exudes a smell, which makes the water in the mouth run together and attracts them dormouse.
Tip: The bait should not be touched if possible, as the strange human smell could deter the animals. It's best to handle with a spoon or a fork.

Put up


Before setting up the trap or traps, it is best to first locate exactly where the dormouse has lodged. It also makes sense to determine if it is just one or more animals. As a rule dormouse in the attic feel well. On the basis of droppings and gnawing traces it is relatively easy to determine whether an animal is living there. It will not be seen during the day. If it is certain that a dormouse has settled in the attic, the trap can be set up. Depending on the size of the attic, several traps should be considered. Where exactly the trap is placed is relatively unimportant. The smell of the bait will inevitably attract the dormouse.

To catch

Catching a dormouse can be compared to hunting. And that means above all: be patient. It may take a few days for one of the animals to actually fall into the trap. Dormouse are not only smart, but also suspicious. You have to get used to the fact that there is a new element in their territory. Under certain circumstances, therefore, the bait must be renewed once or twice. In any case, the daily control is mandatory. This is best done in the morning, as dormice are nocturnal and sleep during the day.

Spend / Suspend

If the dormouse is finally trapped and trapped, it must be moved to another habitat. It is not enough to expose him in the garden or in a neighboring forest. The animals have an excellent sense of direction and would immediately take the path back. The distance therefore plays a big role. A distance of about five kilometers is not a problem for the dormouse. Even 20 kilometers one or the other animal should have already coped. It is best, therefore, to drive the captive rodent as far away as possible and then set it in the wild. To be on the safe side, obstacles such as a mountain or a river are recommended.


If a dormouse selected a loft as his hunting ground, then there were good reasons for that. But these reasons can also lead other dormice to colonize the attic. In order to prevent this, preventive measures should be taken to avoid getting the next uninvited guest under the roof. Dormouse usually reach the ventilation openings in the gable or damaged roof parts in the roof truss. These entrances should therefore be closed.
Although it is not recommended to seal the ventilation. However, it can for example be provided with a stable grid and thus prevent access.

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