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Mesh fencing is a very stable way to safely confine a property. A mesh fence always looks neat, but he otherwise retains his appearance nobly.
In addition, if special demands are made on the robustness, the double bar grille matting is a good choice. The not inconsiderable costs for the fencing can be considerably reduced if you set up your own fence.
Put posts

  • If a small wall limits your property or otherwise has a solid floor, mounting the fence posts is easy with fasteners supplied by the manufacturer. With simple garden soil, it becomes more difficult, the posts then need a foundation. A depth of 60 to 80 centimeters and a diameter of the hole of 25 to 30 centimeters are recommended. How much exactly depends on fence height and soil strength.
  • Before casting the foundation, the posts must be exactly fixed. The posts sit on the inside of the fence, of course, at a well-defined distance, since the double bar screen mat is a solid element. The measurement of the distances is facilitated by a post gauge supplied by the manufacturer, to the fence field must be added between 4 and 15 millimeters to determine the correct distance.
  • Most fence builders first recommend setting the fence posts in concrete, whereby the corresponding measuring accuracy must be maintained. Others first dig in the posts, then mount the fence and then pour the foundation. Of course, with this method there is more room for corrections and there is no need to measure so accurately. This seems to be a good method, especially for terrain where it is difficult to measure. Experience can not be cited here.
  • The post comes in on your plot, the fence points to the outside. That's the rule when the fence points to the street. If the fence goes to the neighbor, the post will also sit on your property if you are the sole fence-bearer. In both cases you have to pay attention to the compliance with the property boundary especially with fencing systems with protruding mounting flange, the complete fence must be on your property. With a bridle to be built together, you would have to determine what your local neighborhood law demands.
Corners and curves
  • How corners are shaped depends on the attachment of the fence to the posts. Some assembly units allow an assembly of a fence at right angles, so here you would put a corner post. When fixing by means of continuous, the transitions concealing bar no corner post is possible. Here are the posts in front of and behind the corner, the fence between them is formed into a corner. How you do that is described in detail in the manufacturer's manual. In a Doppelstabgittermattenzaun usually the inner rods are separated and the outer bent.
  • If you want to follow an irregular course, the posts must be set so that the grid mats are attached to both sides at the same angle. If this is too tight, the grid may need to be separated in the middle and then bent. Or it is completely severed and connected at an angle with corner connectors.
  • If the fence limits a slope area, gradations are made on the posts. The adjacent fence panel is then fixed higher to the post. If the fence is to be completely adapted to the slope, it must of course be shortened at the lower end. Then make sure to complete the seal before mounting.
Fixing the fence mats
Above, it has already been suggested that there are different systems for attachment to the posts. This can be a simple mounting system with brackets on the post, which are often delivered pre-assembled. The disadvantage of this easy-to-use mounting solution is that strangers can theoretically manipulate from the outside, even if the mounting units are covered by covers. The second mounting system has a mounting flange on the outside of the post, which completely covers the transitions after the mounting strip, here dismantling from the outside is almost impossible. Depending on the attachment, the fence panels are attached from the outside or threaded from above (at a fence height, which makes this impossible, the posts are a little bit apart). The installation is then the same as with a simple mesh mat fence, the exact order can be found in the manufacturer's instructions.
Weatherproof fence
  • If the fence is mounted, it will be treated again, he should have as long as possible life. Although it has a coating from the manufacturer, but you have injured in the fence assembly in several places. These areas must now be carefully treated with plastic paint, in the field of hot-dip galvanizing with zinc dust.
  • Double rod mesh fencing costs from 25, - Euro per running meter at about one meter in height, with the fence height then the price increases.
  • By the way, wire mesh fences are perfect for letting them combine with plants. Especially the double bar lattice mat gives the plants ideal hold. Such a coating does not only look nice, many a burglar has already passed the desire for the company on a fence with prickly brambles.
  • Are you looking for an alternative for very fast fence assembly? There are now welded mesh fences of the roll that are sturdy and very quick to install.

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