Lay Drainage Ear - Instructions & Tips

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Lay Drainage Ear - Instructions & Tips

In many regions, the weather is just too humid and the soil soaks through the heavy rainfall.
Drainage: underground removal of water
This sometimes leads to localized flooding or the water penetrates into cellar walls. In such cases, drainage pipes can help further to dry the property and house. In particular, you should lay a drainage pipe, if the soil is particularly heavy, so very clay or the groundwater level high.
But first, some preparations have to be made before drainage pipes can be laid:
The preparations
  1. First, flexible PVC drainage pipes of sufficient length and ten centimeters in diameter must be obtained.
  2. Furthermore, Bauvlies and coarse gravel are required, which has a grain size between 16 to 32.
  3. The drainage pipe is covered generously with the Bauvlies - here should not be saved at the wrong end. Also, a jogger should not be ignored, which can usually be borrowed at the local hardware store.

  4. Next is a
    Pulled 30-centimeter wide trench, which is located at the height of the basement and leads as close to the house or along the light wells. Around the whole house the ditch is pulled so.
  5. Then a gravel layer is filled, the ten centimeters to the inlet, to the lowest point in the sewer or in the
    Sickerschacht and equal to the highest point on the side opposite. Sufficient is usually a gradient of three percent.
This completes the preparations and the drainage pipe can be laid.
Laying the drainage pipe
  1. The drainage pipe is placed in the prepared gravel bed and covered generously with the construction fleece.
  2. Now gravel comes on it, the layer should be 20 centimeters thick. Then comes back on that garden soil, which was initially dug for the ditch.

  3. Now the earth has to be compacted and the vibrator is used. So the soil can not sink over the years and around the house optimal drainage is guaranteed.

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