Laying drainage correctly: This is how to set the soaking pack

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Laying drainage correctly: This is how to set the soaking pack

In order for a drainage to be able to perform its full function, it must be laid correctly. Finally, with a drainage the house should be protected from penetrating moisture. Leachate can drain more easily and not accumulate, causing only moisture damage.
If the hobby craftsman wants to lay the drainage himself, in order to save expensive craftsman costs, he should first inform himself exactly about it.

Required tools and materials
Without proper work equipment and materials, it is not necessary to start laying the drainage. This requires a mini excavator, a shovel and a vibrating plate. Furthermore, of course, the drainage pipe is needed and gravel with a grain size of eight to 16. Also sufficient filter fleece should be present.
So that the drainage can still afford its services even after years, flushing shafts and a control shaft should be provided with. With the rinsing ducts blockages within the drainage can be avoided, because here the water is flushed through at regular intervals.
The correct laying of the drainage
In the building materials trade, the hobby craftsman can get advice and can choose complete systems, so that he can lay the drainage properly. A ring drainage is
especially recommended for houses or other buildings that run around it like a ring and then lead to a control shaft.
For new buildings, the
Ring drainage is no problem, however, more effort and earthworks are necessary in existing buildings.
The operations

  1. With the mini excavator a ditch is dug around the house, in which subsequently a Erdplanum is created.
  2. For this purpose, a so-called high point must be identified, which is located at the farthest point of the inspection shaft. At least five percent should be anywhere from the farthest to the point of the inspection shaft.
  3. The filter fleece, which has already been cut into strips, will now be laid in the ground plane and as soon as the entire surface is laid out, a lot of empty gravel will be distributed.

  4. Now the drainage pipe is placed in the gravel in such a way that it is surrounded on all sides by gravel.
  5. The filter fleece is now beaten around the empty gravel, creating a seeping pack. This work has to be done around the entire house and the seepage pack has to be led to a control or septic tank.
  6. Finally, the trench is filled up again with the excavation and for compacting now the vibrating plate is used.

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