Use drip hoses and pour automatically

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Drip tubes are laid underground or on the bed

The summers with us are getting hotter, according to meteorologists. We humans do not get anything with it somehow, because the summers are usually not the yellow of the egg and often rainy.

But that is deceptive, because that is usually only extremely noticeable when we have free space and want to use the garden. Even though the holiday is rainy, the general idea that the summers are bad is not far off. But the fact is that climate change is making the summers hotter and hotter. Above all, nature senses that.

If you have a garden, you know that very frequent casting is required. But that is again associated with a lot of work.
Depending on the size of the garden, a "casting aria" can quickly take an hour or more. If you mind pour automatically leaves, then you can use the garden longer and more intense. However, it costs a bit too.

The solution:
drip hoses, These are laid underground or directly on the bed, are provided with holes and give off water - as you would like to have it. Computer-controlled, so to speak, and thus without any work. It can also be poured when you are not there.

Video Board: Installing a Drip Irrigation System for Raised Beds.

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