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The huge driveway that leads to the covered parking space at the house is very powerful and quite boring. Residents plan to downsize them a little and make them more visually appealing in the same move. It is also important to them that the terrace on the left side of the building will in future receive more privacy from the street.

Suggestion 1: Scented Entree with added value

In the first draft, the width of the driveway was left in the front area, so that two cars can still sit side by side. Further back towards the house, however, the paved area narrows. Due to the corner that results, the driveway does not seem to be pulled so long. Dark paving strips in the transverse direction also help to visually shorten the long distance. Along the fence on the right edge, a narrow bedding provides space for a casual planting. The robust, sun-tolerant pearl basket looks like a gray-green carpet with white polka dots. In between, lamprey grass is growing. The approximately two-meter-wide bedding on the left side of the driveway is also planted with pearl baskets. For privacy in the direction of the house and the terrace, various flowering shrubs and tall miscanthus provide.

Drawing driveway dark pavement stripes

One thing that strikes the eye of everyone who enters the property is something completely different: a lavender tree attracts sniffing noses and diligent bees at the same time. It is spanned by the densely leafy branches of a roof plane that shade the area below. Two sun loungers stand on the gravel area around the trunk and invite you for an aromatic breather.

Drawing Plantane Seating Lying

The lavender tree at the house is a nice eye-catcher for visitors and residents. At the same time, it can also be used well as a seat because of the distance to the street. A plane tree with umbrella-shaped branches provides a cozy "roof" and some shade

The planting, however, already offers a few highlights before the lavender blossom: From April, the panicle 'Grefsheim' blossoms on the left in the bed, and from June the garden jasmine 'snowstorm'. For the spring months, we recommend a supplement with various bulb flowers, which bridge the time to the main flowering of the beds. During the summer months, the ball hydrangea 'Annabelle', the hedgehog-raised lavender 'Imperial Gem', the planted pearly baskets and the bearded flowers open their white and blue flowers, which are soon followed by imposing grasses such as the miscanthus' Graziella 'and the lamp-shine grass' Hameln ' to be accompanied.

Suggestion 2: Scattered perennial beds

In the second draft, the front garden gains space, because the wide driveway is narrowed. The resulting area is gravel, chippings and individual larger stones designed. To better shield the front garden from the side, three multi-stemmed ornamental apples along the driveway are planted slightly offset to each other. With a height of up to five meters, they are not oversized, but still provide sufficient privacy, in addition to flowers in the spring and bright fruit in late summer and autumn.

loosened perennial flowerbed drawing

Between the trees arise three differently sized, band-like beds, which protrude into the lawn. In the borders pink and purple flowering perennials thrive, which are repeated in the narrow planting strip on the right side. Low and high species alternate with different flower forms. In addition to classics such as lavender and catnip blooming in the summer months also Geißraute (Galega), Lupine and Rose Monard (Monarda). In between, towering up to 1.50 meters high, white flower candles of Himalayan steppe candle, which bloom in May and June.

colorful perennial drawing

Colorful perennial strips bring color into the lawn in front of the house. The ornamental apples form a beautiful crown and now clearly separate the area between the driveway and the front yard

The paved path that leads in front of the house remains intact. On the wall of the house, at the corner of Carport, a wild-flowered pencil (Actinidia kolomikta) is planted on a trellis. The climbing plant with the decorative foliage turns from July partially pink and white. In order to visually loosen up the driveway, Rotmoos stonecrop and white field thyme alternate side by side in a narrow gravel strip.

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