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Indian running duck

Even those who grow ducks wisely, must know a lot about the poultry. First, choosing the right variety is important. These require different conditions. Not every duck species will fit on any property. In addition, the attitude should be allowed.
A duck house is necessary for all duck species. It provides protection against cold in winter and against predators, such as the fox. For most types of ducks, water is essential. Water is important for cooling and preening. In the duck houses one differentiates between the stationary quarters, which are usually set up on the mainland, and the floating buildings that float on the pond. Both species are built slightly differently.

duck species


  • Best duck species
  • Very adaptable
  • Better trim the wings
  • Can be tamed well
  • Get along with every duck house


  • Subspecies of mallard
  • High weight, therefore hardly able to fly
  • Very fast
  • Hardly claims to a duck house

Pomeranian duck

  • Undemanding
  • Need a lot of exercise
  • Normal duck house, as for stick or duck

warts ducks

  • Undemanding
  • Normal duck house
  • In winter also in a closed stable, 1m┬▓ per duck
  • Do not necessarily need a lake, bath is enough

Indian Runner duck

  • Somewhat higher stable
  • Do not need a pond
  • Pool is sufficient
In principle, a duckstall is quite easy to build. He should not be too small. Of course, it always depends on the number of ducks that need to be protected in an emergency. They should not be too crowded in it. One expects a pair of running ducks with a hut as for a big dog. For the other ducks about half a square meter per animal is to be planned. The accommodation must be dry, draft-free and easy to clean. It is best if the roof is removable. Those who want to protect their ducks from martens and foxes, must make the door to lock and of course the ducks at night include.
Houses for running ducks must be higher than those for "normal" ducks. It is ideal if the duck house has adjustable openings for ventilation, which were installed in the upper area, usually in the roof. It is also useful drainage within the house. This allows spilled drinking water to drain off. Recommended is a pit, or a pit. These are simply created under the drinking station. Over it is simply placed a wire mesh on which the drinking vessels can be stationed. This keeps the bedding dry.

Duck house on pond

Soil litter is important. Use find peat with a straw cover or bark mulch. Very favorable is a mixture of wood shavings, peat and sand, which can be used in the connection even as fertilizer.

Requirements for a duckstall

  • Big enough, depending on the number of ducks
  • High enough for the ducks to stand in it easily
  • Not too high, because warmth rises and there is no use in winter
  • Door only so high that the ducks easily pass through, otherwise comes in the winter too much cold air
  • Ventilation flaps in the roof for ventilation on hot summer days
  • Cold and windproof
  • Especially cold-isolate the bottom plate
  • Roof removable or hinged for better mucking
  • Lockable door
  • Burglar proof for Nester and Fox or Marder
  • Drain for water
  • Cheap is a Kotwanne
  • Build a little raised hut, on stilts, so that no moisture comes from below
  • No cracks and gaps - bad to clean

building materials

The building material is wood. It can be edited and maintained well.


  • drilling machine
  • Puncture or table saw
  • Cordless Screwdriver

Ideas for the design

There are quite different designs for duck houses, from the log cabin to the castle. You can leave your imagination free. It is a pure matter of taste and cost. It is important that the house is big enough and safe. For the sake of simplicity, most duck quarters are rather simple. You do not have to be a born hobbyist to get one done. But if you can and want to invest a little more time and effort, you can build really nice accommodations.
As a suggestion here are some links, how such a house could look like:
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  • //
  • //
  • //
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  • //

Building instructions for a duckstall

Building instructions can be found free of charge in the World Wide Web. However, some craftsmen also offer detailed plans for a small fee. How often do you find kits in the trade that just have to be assembled. It is usually a question of cost, for which variant one decides.Finished duck houses, which are of course also on offer, can be quite expensive. However, there are sometimes big price differences. To build yourself is always cheaper.
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  • //
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  • //
What you have to keep in mind is that floating duck houses should be anchored on the water. If you do not do that, you drive it somewhere and then no longer provide protection without the door closed. With all the good thoughts that the ducks are safer on the water, it should be said that a fox can swim and if the prey is worth doing, he does too.
It makes sense to me the idea to secure the duck house on the lake with strings. Attach two cords in opposite directions and attach to the shore. These also have the advantage that the house can be pulled to the shore and cleaned. With a firmly anchored neighborhood, this is really difficult with cleaning.
If you want to keep ducks or provide accommodation on your lake to camping wild ducks, a duck house is a great thing. You can buy such a dwelling completely, as well as a kit or you build yourself. That's not difficult at all, as the examples collected by us show. Some things have to be considered, for example, the insulation, the Kotwanne, the stilts and the aeration. If you think this through well and put together a plan, nothing can go wrong.

Video Board: Duck House Plans.

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