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Ideally, the garden is a restful retreat that offers peace and quiet after a stressful day and that you can use to design plants to your liking.
Fascinating water gardens invite you to cleanse and relax
It is difficult to say why water has such a great attraction for us. At any rate, the wet element offers enormous potential as a design element. The pond size plays rather a disorderly role. With a bit of luck, iridescent dragonflies can be admired on a water garden in the wooden tub as well as on a foil pond. And for the installation of a gently murmuring Quellsteins already a square meter. Beneficial for the body and mind are cheerful, sparkling water features, which on hot summer days provide pleasant cooling and soothe strained nerves.
Great effect, little effort
Especially easy-care are gardens in the Japanese style with evergreen plants and shrubs that are harmoniously matched in form and color. If you are dreaming of a water garden, then again light gray or pale blue painted wooden planks, decorated with mussel shells plant pots and spanned fishing nets are suitable as climbing aids and windbreak. For shady areas, for example, funchios come into question in combination with ferns whose finely feathered fronds fit well with the rustling leaves of tall bamboo plants and other ornamental plants. And even a large single plant like a tree can, depending on the species, develop a special magic due to its height, its leaves or a gently overgrown growth habit.
The romantic garden
For quiet connoisseurs, a romantic garden is just the thing, in the most diverse trees and shrubs to fulfill the air from their aromatic scent. In this case, the colors should be gentle and soothing to the eye, so that here recommend delicate pinks and blues, but of course blue violet, apricot and white, which is most common among the strongly fragrant flowers.
Dream and enjoy
An easy-care garden is something very special. This can be a quiet place to read or doze on a sunny afternoon, or a secluded spot to enjoy a warm summer night with friends over a meal. Whatever purpose a garden should serve, it must be comfortable.
Before you start your garden, you should think twice about how you want to use it. Do you prefer a south-facing, sunny spot or partial shade? Or maybe you just want to relax after work and enjoy the evening sun.
With potted plants you can also adapt your retreat to your other garden style
Helpful design tips:
Even in small gardens, you should not miss a lawn, because the uniform green, especially in the summer for pleasant rest and relaxation. Evergreen hedges, ivy and other green-leaved vines protect against disturbing neighborly views.
Seating groups are like islands in the garden. Under a parasol you can relax and enjoy the view of the garden. Beautiful garden furniture completes the garden picture.
Sweeping paths invite you to stroll and discover. Surrounded by colorful flower borders, they structure and divide the garden.

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