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Living spaces without green plants are cold and uncomfortable. Only the plants provide the cozy atmosphere and perfect the whole ambience. No matter which room it is, plants are indispensable in your own home.
Palm trees perfect the ambience
Since time is always precious and many people are short of time, easy-care plants are always beneficial and practical. The easiest green plants include simple room palms. If plants do not thrive as you would like, it is not the green plant but the care. Sometimes there are only small but nice tips or tricks, which provide here for remedy and an optimal growth
Zimmerpalmen Tip 1: Bow hemp is very sufficient
One of the most popular room palms is the Bogenhanf. This green plant is very frugal in terms of care and location. The elongated, drawn leaves make this plant so special. Of course, bow hemp, like all other plants, likes it bright and friendly, and it can cope well in darker places.
The bow hemp should only be used slowly to direct sunlight. Drainage in the pot is also beneficial and favors its growth. A regular irrigation is essential here, so that the bow hemp can unfold its full splendor. The regular repot can also be beneficial because the roots can spread so optimally. A good room temperature for this green plant is 22┬░ C and should not fall below the 12┬░ C mark. The Bogenhanf can stand outside in the summer and thrives here by sun and heat excellently.
Zimmerpalmen Tip 2: Elefantenfu├č is very decorative
The elephant's foot is a decorative green plant. Its roundish, plump stem is a characteristic trait that makes up this plant. Due to its ease of care, the elephant foot is so popular. This plant gets by with very little water and grows very slowly. The elephant's foot likes it bright, without direct sun and in the summer like outdoors. Once or twice a week this plant needs some water. The soil should always be dry before pouring. The leaves can be sprayed in between with water, because that may be the Elefantenfu├č and brown leaf tips are thus prevented. Due to the slow growth an annual repotting is not required here. Beware of large temperature changes, this plant is sensitive.
Zimmerpalmen Tip 3: Nice to look at - Efeututen
The Efeutute is very popular and very nice to look at. This plant is a climbing plant and mostly multicolored. The heart-shaped leaves characterize this plant. Also this Efeutute is very easy-care and forgive sometimes a disregard. However, this plant needs a bright location in order to grow optimally. Temperatures below 18┬░ C should be avoided. The soil should always be kept quite moist and sparingly poured during the winter months. When the fertilizer is regularly fertilized, it unfolds its beautiful splendor in full size. This plant can also be planted in traffic lights and also looks in this variant simply decorative and only beautiful.
Zimmerpalmen Tip 4: The popular yucca palm
Number one of the most popular room palms is the Yucca palm trees. These beautiful palm trees can be found in almost every household. The yucca palm is also very undemanding and grows in almost every location. Even for beginners or laymen, this type of palm is optimally suited, because you can not do much wrong here. The location should also be bright and friendly for this plant. The yucca palm is only watered when the top layer of earth has dried off. Better a little less water than too much. After two years, the yucca palm loses its stability and should be repotted. A small shower with steam likes this kind of palm in between. If the Yucca is too big, they can cut it off. After a short time, the plant is again driving out again.
Zimmerpalmen Tip 5: Eye-catcher - Cycas palms
The Cycas Palm is also an eye-catcher and provides a cozy and cozy atmosphere everywhere. This palm species is reminiscent of summer, sun, beach and sea. The Cycas plant needs a lot of light and likes direct sunlight. The conservatory is the best place for this palm tree. The more sun, the better. Regularly, this type of palm must be poured to achieve the optimum in growth. In the winter months, when daylight is not enough for this plant, the Cycas stops growing. Repotted here only every 2-3 years, since the Cycas grows only very slowly.
Love, care and fertilizer
No matter which palm species you choose, love, care and fertilizer are indispensable when it comes to optimal growth. Fertilization can be done in different ways.Liquid fertilizers or simple fertilizer sticks can be found in many different shops or portals. However, it does not always have to be the expensive option, because fertilizer can also be produced by yourself. Coffee grounds are used simply and easily as fertilizer. The coffee grounds can be mixed under the potting soil and provides the plant with all the necessary nutrients. In addition, the coffee grounds can also be dissolved in water. In this way, healthy flower water is created for all plants.
Pure nature?
Also egg shells do not need to be disposed of on the compost, because these are valuable for many plants. Eggshells are crushed and stored in tap water for a few days. After a few days, this water is an optimal fertilizer for green plants of all kinds. Of course, the egg shells can also be incorporated into the potting soil and fulfill the same purpose. Who cooks potatoes, can catch the water after cooking and let cool. This water is also valuable, nutrient-rich and a wonderful fertilizer substitute. A nutritious brew can also be made from dandelion, onions or stinging nettles. For this purpose, pour these herbs over with water and let this brew stand for a few days. When the water gets dark and does not foam anymore, the healthy plant drink is ready, it can hardly be cheaper and cheaper.
Worth knowing about room palms soon

  • Palm trees are very popular plants that can be found in offices, doctors' offices but also in many living rooms.
  • The advantage of a palm tree palm is that it does not actually need much care and bears green leaves all year round.
  • Palm trees, such as the date palm, for example, produce even harvestable fruits after a few years, so that you have a double benefit.
  • Easy-care room palms can be bought at the hardware store and in every flower shop.
  • The most popular varieties are still the Yucca Palm and the Phoenix Palm.
  • Even fir palms are easy-to-maintain room palms, which however can be quite large with 1.50 m.
It is important that you remove the palm fronds, no matter what genus, the dry palm fronds, so that the other fronds can get enough sun and air. A palm should always be sunny, but it is important to note that some species of palm should not tolerate bright midday sun and should be half shady.
Substrate and fertilizer
There is a special substrate for palm trees in the trade, also granules are offered. Especially the granules for palm trees make the care of such a plant particularly pleasant, since always the right amount of water is delivered. When it comes to water, most of the room palms are not picky. Here often enough tap water, but should have better room temperature. Even in the heat of the day, most of the indoor palms do not need to be poured daily, but regularly.
Even easy-to-maintain indoor palm trees sometimes need fertilizer with palm fertilizers in order to have enough nutrients again. Here, however, no special fertilizer is necessary, it is sufficient in most cases already a fertilizer for green plants to give the palm trees what they need. It does not have to be fertilized all year round. Most room palms have a growing season. Fertilizing nutrients is important during this time, and in the rest of the time fertilizing can be neglected.

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