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Those who do not have a green thumb are always advised best with easy-care potted plants. They almost can not enter. But how do you recognize this?

Many potted plants are easy to maintain

Surely you know that too: you buy a beautiful potted plant and within a few weeks it has then arrived. This happens if you do not first inform yourself about the proper care measures and just water the plant once in a while.

If you want to prevent that, then set it from the outset on easy-care potted plants. Especially for lay people who do not have so much experience with plants and gardening, this is advisable.

But how do you recognize easy-care potted plants? This is not difficult at all, because there are a few features that point to easy-care potted plants.

This will recognize easy-care potted plants

thick leaves:

Feature 1: thick leaves

Robust and easy-care potted plants recognize that they have thick leaves, among other things. If these are also leathery on top of that, then you can assume that they do not need too much care because they store water over a long period of time.

The easy-care potted plants with thick leaves include e.g. the gum tree, the wreath sling, the Kalanchoe and the Zamioculcas.

thick trunk:

Feature 2: thick stem

Even the stems, which are relatively strong, are an indication of the possible maintenance of potted plants dar. If these are particularly thick, then you can assume that the potted plants do not need much water and even sometimes a longer time without can get along.

Particularly easy-care potted plants with a thicker stem are e.g. the birch fig, the bow hemp and the elephant's foot. The last-mentioned plant species will be completely water-free for several months, so you only have to look out for the right location in the garden, for example right next to the window of the arbor.



In addition to thick-leafed plants but also countless cacti are considered very easy to care for. However, not only the cacti that have spikes are meant here. Also link cacti with their thick leaf elements are very easy to care for.

The great thing is that many cacti bloom several times in the winter months. Most cacti do not only feel very well in sunny places, but also dry heating air gets them very well. You only have to water a bit, and then only when the soil has dried well. In winter you do not have to water. Reading tip: This is how cacti bloom properly.

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