Easy-care grave design with stones and plants

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Easy-care grave with gravel

To make the grave of a loved one so that the grave care is easy to care for, is not so difficult. Because many suitable perennial shrubs or shrubs and a few stones make this possible. If the grave design is properly designed, the survivors do not have to invest much time in the care, which is usually not even available.
If a loved one has gone, then the grave is lovingly cared for by the bereaved. However, there is not always time to go to the cemetery and cultivate flowers and plants there. But there is also a solution for easy care grave design with stones and plants. Before planning and creating, the respective cemetery order should be read. Despite everything, there are many ways to make the grave with the desired plants and stones so that it fits into the overall picture of the cemetery and also like all bereaved.
Create grave
Before it can be planted and piled up with gravel or stones, the bed must be prepared accordingly. If this is not the cemetery gardener commissioned, which usually only pour the earth, then the new plant can also be carried out on their own. Since the earth is still sinking after pouring, it is advisable to wait with the final grave design up to six months. During this waiting period, fresh flowers or arrangements can be placed before proceeding with the preparation for the final grave site as follows:
  • The whole bed must be dug out about 25 cm
  • remove old roots, weeds as well as old stones
  • then dig well
  • Undermine sand or gravel
  • Spread a plant fleece on the bed
  • at the places where plants are planned later, the fleece is cut in the form of a cross
  • Place all plants in their final place based on the sketch created, as previously planned
  • then sprinkle or drape the gravel or stones around the plants
  • Also around the grave offer a gravel layer or stone slabs
  • because the relatives are also responsible for the immediate environment of the grave
Tip: If a grave is newly created, then all survivors must also like it. Therefore, it is useful to make a sketch before the design and make it clear together, at which points gravel and stones laid, which forms are chosen in the filling and which plants are cultivated. If this does not happen, it can subsequently come to disagreement among the bereaved and the grave must be redesigned in the worst case.
Stones and gravel

Grave design with stones

For a grave, which should be easy to maintain, it is advisable to use beautiful natural stones as larger stones or in the form of gravel and thus to occupy part of the grave area. In this way, replanting is spared in these regions. Also, stones that look particularly beautiful in white or light gray, can also be used as a border boundary around the grave. As stone types are suitable for grave design of natural stones quartz, Bordeaux, basalt or granite. Marble, especially when it is radiant white, is not so well suited and is not often seen in most cemeteries. Because white marble in particular requires a high level of care and can quickly look unsightly due to penetrating moisture or leaves that leave their color on the marble. When choosing the color of the stones, special care should be taken that they harmonize with the gravestone and the surrounding graves. When buying stones and gravel you have to pay attention to the following:
  • Measure the size of the area to be covered with gravel or stones
  • Select stone type
  • Select grain size
  • The specialized trade can calculate the required amount with this information
  • Stone border, inlaid stone slabs and gravel should harmonize in color, but need not be identical
  • so light gray with anthracite or white and black fits very well together
  • From this subtle patterns can be formed
  • The flagstones are used as a base for planters or grave candles
Tip: It looks particularly appealing when different patterns are formed from the gravel or stones. For example, circles of larger stones can be created around the plants, gravel can be poured into circular or rhombic shapes, stone formations or a stone slab can be used as a foundation for grave decorations.
Suitable flowering plants
Normally, a grave is planted with early-flowering plants in spring and late-flowering plants in summer / early autumn. To make it easier to care for, however, evergreen plants look very good all year round. In between, occasionally flowering perennials can be set in such a way that one or the other splash of color is always visible throughout the year. In addition, between the stones groundcover look aesthetically pleasing and appealing.The easy-care grave planting could therefore be mixed from the following plants. It should always be ensured that the motto "less is more" is adhered to. Because a grave is overgrown with flowering and evergreen plants, it looks quickly neglected. The following plants are therefore only examples from which each survivor should choose his favorite plants:
  • suitable ground covers include ysander, ivy, but also ground cover roses and ground grasses
  • for a pebble bed, especially milkweed, stonecrop stone quince or honorary price as well as sharply
  • so the bed is given a colorful appearance between the stones
  • also suitable are flowering, easy-care and above all perennial shrubs
  • These include coneflower, lavender, lady's mantle, fall anemone just to name a few
  • With the perennials all year round color accents can be set
  • cultivate premature and late flowering plants together
Tip: If you want to invest a little more time in the grave care and can, which can also make a change of planting the season accordingly. For example, tulips, daffodils or pansies are available in spring, geraniums or daisies in summer and heather, dahlias and chrysanthemums in autumn. This change planting can also be placed in a shell according to the seasons on the grave.
Evergreen bushes and shrubs

Grave design with gravel

Conifers and other evergreen shrubs such as boxwood, rhododendrons or similar are also cultivated for the grave, giving a beautiful picture even in winter. In a cemetery, however, it is important for the overall picture that they are cut regularly and the growth does not prevail. Therefore, these bushes and shrubs are ideally always placed at the top of the tomb next to the tombstone as a conclusion or centered on a tomb. However, care should be taken and the bushes are set in such a way that the gravestone is still easy to recognize and read.
Tip: If evergreen, perennial shrubs are cultivated in addition to the flowering plants, then the tomb looks well maintained even in winter, when most of the flowering plants have withered.
Grave decorations on commemoration days
At personal or ecclesiastical evenings of the dead, additional funeral ornaments can be placed or placed on the bed. However, this is up to anyone. So also the whole year over decent grave jewelry can be launched.
In this way, you can set ever-changing color accents throughout the year on the grave. This is especially useful if the plant of the tomb omitted many flowering plants and more on stones, gravel and evergreens was set due to the ease of care. The grave decorations include:
  • fresh bouquets in a vase, which can also be changed weekly
  • arrangements
  • Flower bowls that can stand all year round and are always freshly planted
  • wreaths
Stones, pebbles and easy-care perennials, as well as evergreen bushes and bushes are modern and found more frequently on graves in recent years. Nevertheless, the designed grave should be adapted to the cemetery, this is what the bereaved can inquire before applying to the responsible cemetery office. In this way it is easy to always have a well-maintained grave without having to spend much effort. To ensure that it always blooms here in spring, summer and autumn, a bowl of flowering plants can be set up according to the season. This is just for the graves suitable, on which otherwise little to no flowering plants but only evergreen shrubs and bushes are to be found. Thus, neither the care nor the cost is too high for the bereaved.

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