Attach edge trim and iron on

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Attach edge trim and iron on

The new worktop needs an edge trimmer, otherwise it will swell soon. The linter also dissolves again when furniture is used, which people who value clean households want to know repaired as quickly as possible. If the housewife puts the do-it-yourselfer under pressure here, that's not wrong:
For public space there is a theory that says that a neighborhood where the first windows are ignored can quickly go completely bankrupt. Only by the immediate repair of these trifles can this tendency be counteracted (Broken Windows Theory).
In a sense, this theory can be transferred to the smaller unit of a household. If you do not replace the edge band, the stain on the wallpaper will not bother you, and so on... Besides, applying a band is not a problem at all, so this job can be done quickly.
Prepare renewal of an edge band
The damaged lipping is completely removed, the glue is liquefied by the heat of the iron. Start with a small heat setting (cotton) and turn up only if necessary, otherwise the plastic could dissolve and stick to the iron. If the glue is liquid, the edge band can be easily removed. He also has a very nice temperature, but gloves that keep out the heat can be appropriate.
Iron edge bandage on

  • The area,
    on which the new edge band is ironed on, must be free of bumps, dust-free, fat-free and dry. In case of repair, you usually have to remove adhesive residues with the chisel and then grind, the edge of the new worktop should be cleaned with spirit.
  • Set the iron to the temperature recommended for each edge trimmer. If you have no information, first set a low heat and try so long with always slightly higher heat until the ironing succeed. To prevent the molten adhesive from getting on the iron, place sandwich paper or aluminum foil between the edge and the edge, but be careful the sandwich paper may ignite. In the hardware store, there are also extra overcoat for irons, which should be used for such purposes.
  • Press the iron on the edge for about 5 to 10 seconds, as long as exactly, in case of doubt also says so
    one try. In order for the edgebander to harden on the work piece and not in the air, you can then press another folded flap on the piece just glued for another 10 to 20 seconds. This works best, of course, when you work in pairs.

Attach edge band to worktops

  • Worktops can also be applied to edge banding and panel side with highly heat-resistant kraft adhesive. Whether this is the better way, depends on the thickness of the plate and the edge band used, here must be tested again. Apply the adhesive evenly with a small toothed spatula. Then the adhesive must tighten the time specified in the instructions, before it is pressed briefly and as firmly as possible.
  • Professional veneers generally prefer wood glue over edge trimmers, depending on the veneer (edge) different glues are recommended. Then, however, the edges must always be pressed with high pressure, hardly a handyman will have forcing in this length. Maybe you can borrow a size of this size from a carpenter, then on the edges come thin skid strips to protect you from pressure. An alternative for the handyman, who has helping hands, might be the "gag-method": apply glue, lay wooden slats, loop the rope around the worktop, with a toggle on the middle of the plate until sufficient pressure is applied, The overflowing when donning
    Glue should be removed with a spatula.

Rework edgebanding edges
When the workpiece and edge band have cooled down, the protruding edge band is removed.
It can be cut flush with the edge of the board with an edge trimmer. Some prefer the method with the Stecheisen or Betiel, the protruding edge band is carefully tapped. Finally, the cut edges are finished with fine sandpaper.

  1. You can also have the edges veneered by a nearby carpenter. He not only has other material for the edges, but also special equipment such as a veneer press, this work also often costs less than the layman suspects.
  2. Other small repairs that should be done quickly in the well-kept household, are the attachment of loose carpet edges and the sealing of dripping taps.Unfortunately, such small damages also tend to expand more and more, until at some point they require a really time-consuming temperature.

Video Board: How to apply iron on edge melamine I show you how easy it is to achieve a factory edge # 19.

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