Use egg shells as fertilizer

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You want a plant fertilizer that costs as little as possible and is natural? Then try the homemade eggshell fertilizer!

Eggshells are good fertilizer!

The plants and shrubs in the garden from and to fertilizer need, every (hobby) gardener should be known. But before you go shopping and get expensive, chemical fertilizer from the garden department in the hardware store, try alternative home remedies. One option is egg shells, which are left over from the daily breakfast and anyway land only on the compost or in the bio bin.

Homemade eggshell fertilizer
Ā»Step by step guideĀ«

Patience is the order of the day, because those who do not have eggs daily on their diet have to spend a while collecting. To avoid unsightly odors in the kitchen, it is best to use a lidded container.

Step 1

The egg shells should not be given to the soil as a whole. To grind you need a kitchen board, a meat tenderizer (or similar) and a cloth.

step 2

Lay the egg shells on the board, place the cloth over it and lightly pat on it.

step 3

The crushed eggshells are then added to the irrigation water.

Step 4

You can now leave this brew for several days.

Ā»Rule of thumb: The skins of 2 to 3 eggs per 1 liter of water.

But beware: The eggshells do not completely release. Therefore, pour only the soil (not the plant from above). Coarse eggshell pieces can be removed by hand.

Why are eggshells suitable as fertilizer?

The homemade eggshell fertilizer can be used for all plants in the garden. It contains the very important nutrient lime. With the lime, there are also other nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium, in the irrigation water. How high the respective share is depends on the quality of your local tap water.

Video Board: Biggest mistake with Egg shells and gardening.

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