Eggplant drying - 4 simple ways presented

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Cooked eggplants are delicious, dried but even more delicious. It is also child's play to dry aubergines. You have 4 options.

Eggplant can be dried in 4 different ways

Granted, she looks a bit strange with her dark purple skin. Nevertheless, she tastes really great. We are talking about eggplant, also called eggplant.

It is a solanaceae that grows more and more hobby gardeners and especially in the Mediterranean and Arabic kitchen use. But even here, aubergines have many fans who process the vegetables not only fresh, but also dried. Finally, dried aubergines can be used in a variety of ways. In addition, the aroma is intensified by the drying and sets so special accents in many dishes.

Of course, to refine dishes with dried aubergines, you do not have to buy them extra. Finally, you can simply dry your own eggplant with a few simple steps. You have four options. Whatever variant you choose, it is entirely up to you.

This allows aubergines to dry

Eggplant can be dried in different ways. You can do this, for example use a dehydrator or oven, or dry the aubergines outdoors or in a warm, dry place in the house. Depending on which method you choose, there are different points to consider.

Basically, the first step is the same for all methods: Cut the eggplant, e.g. with a slicer or with the help of the food processor in the smallest possible slices. Afterwards you have to proceed according to the drying variant as indicated.

Trock dry in the drying machine:

In the Dehydrator aubergines dry the easiest. Place the slices on the inserts and set the machine to the set temperature and duration, similar to the temperature for drying tomatoes. This should be about 42° C.

Trock to dry in the oven:

In the oven, drying takes a little longer. Nevertheless, this is a great way to dry eggplants. Lay out a grid or baking sheet with baking paper and place the slices next to each other (not on top of each other!). Then heat the oven to about 50° C and let the slices dry overnight. However, it is important that you turn the discs regularly so that they can dry from all sides. If the panes are not completely dried, mold may appear.

Trock to dry outdoors:

If you prefer to dry your eggplant slices outdoors, you need a warm place that is safe from animals and also rainproof. Plumper sun is not favorable, because otherwise the slices "fade" and thus many valuable vitamins are lost.

Lay the slices on a grid with baking paper and turn them over regularly. Depending on location and temperatures, it may take up to 3 days for the slices to dry completely. In the evening, it is best to always bring the rust into the house to avoid animal visits at night.

Trock dry in the house:

Also, warm, dry places in the house such. the attic or conservatory are good for drying eggplants. It works best if you dry the eggplant slices hanging. To do this, thread a thread in the middle of the discs and hang the discs on, for example, a clothesline or another taut string.


For all methods it is very important that you really let the windows dry completely. When all the slices have dried, you can store them in a glass jar and remove them in portions if necessary.

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