Eggplant freezing - How to do it right

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Eating eggplants all year round? This works out! Finally, you can freeze the vegetables. But beware: there is a lot to consider.

Eggplant can be raw and prepared to freeze

Like zucchini and tomatoes, aubergines are also among the vegetables that have high season in summer and are rarely on the menu during the rest of the year. A pity, right? Finally, eggplants taste really tasty. Keyword Eggplant lasagna and Co. Those who do not want to dry the eggplant extra to enjoy it in winter, they can of course also freeze. And both raw and prepared. However, you must pay particular attention to the raw variant.

Freeze raw eggplants:

1 Basically, you should only freeze perfect, firm eggplants that are not overripe. If you want to freeze them then you have to wash them first, peel them and cut them into 8 mm thick slices. Of course, this is not necessary with immediate processing. Then do not leave the slices too long, otherwise they will discolour like brown apple slices.

2Bake 2 to 3 liters of water in a pot depending on the amount of aubergines and add 200 to 300 ml of lemon juice - also depending on how many slices you want to freeze. The lemon juice prevents the discs from discoloring. Then add the eggplant slices in portions to the boiling water and allow to blanch for about 3 minutes.

3 Then, use a foam trowel to remove the slices and place in a large bowl of ice cubes for 5 minutes to quench. Then drain the slices and place in a freezer bag labeled with date and contents. But you can also use freezer boxes.

Prepared so the eggplant slices in the freezer up to 9 months.

Freeze prepared aubergines:

Eggplant can not only freeze raw without problems. You can also put baked or roasted aubergines in the freezer without any loss of quality. Egg-baked or roasted aubergines must first be allowed to cool completely after baking or roasting in olive oil. Then you can put the slices in a freezer bag or a freezer.

You can also bake a whole eggplant. For this purpose, pierce the eggplant several times with a fork and bake it in the oven for 30 to 60 minutes at 200° C, depending on its size, until the skin gets dents and small cracks. After baking, allow to cool, cut in half and then scrape out the pulp with a spoon. You can then fill it into a freezer and freeze it. You can also freeze the remaining eggplant.

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