Roast aubergines - you have to take this into account

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Roasted aubergine slices are a real treat. But only if they are prepared properly. There are finally some things to consider.

Eggplant must be dehydrated before frying

Roasted eggplants are among the vegetables that are not so popular with most. Often this is not even due to the vegetables themselves, but to the wrong preparation. If the aubergines are not roasted properly, the dark purple fruits are often very tough and greasy, spoiling the appetite of many. This need not be. If you follow a few important rules when frying, eggplants, also called eggplants, are a very delicious dish.

➤ Rule # 1 - Dehydrate aubergines

The most important rule before roasting eggplant is: The vegetables must always be dehydrated. If you do not, then the aubergine slices are tough and slightly bitter after frying.

And this is how it's done:

To remove the water from the fruit, cut the aubergine into slices that are not too thick and place them on a board or piece of baking paper so that they do not overlap. Sprinkle the slices with a little salt and let them stand for about 15 to 20 minutes. During this time, the eggplant then releases excess water. You can tell by the fact that drops are forming. After the brewing time you have to dab the slices and remove the salt.

➤ Rule # 2 - Save fat while frying

Another mistake that many often make when roasting eggplant is that they use way too much fat. The eggplant slices are then only full of fat and become greasy and heavy. It is therefore quite sufficient if you brush the slices with a little olive oil or another oil and then roast easily or only with very little fat in a hot pan. So the slices can unfold their aroma and are not drowned in fat.

After roasting, it is important to place the aubergine slices on a kitchen towel and dab off the excess oil.

By the way:

Homemade eggplant chips are also really delicious. But even here you have to drain the eggplant slices again before the actual preparation.

Video Board: How to roast eggplant.

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