Eighth loop supports plants perfectly

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A rope can also support plants

There are plants that need a support. These include mainly young trees, but also shrubs and perennials that are prone to overturn, for example, by heavy flowers or fruits. Around plants to support you take one eight loop.

In general, a pole or wooden stake is used for support, which is inserted into the ground and to which the plant is tied. If the plant grows in front of a fence, the fence is also well suited. However, you should make sure that you use the right technique for tying, otherwise the stability suffers and the plant can be damaged, because the mounting material on the stem or trunk scrubs. Injuries are often the case here. To avoid that, you should use the so-called figure eight loop. It is very easy to implement:

  1. Take the appropriate binding material and lay it around the stem or stalk of the plant.
  2. Then cross it and tie it around the prop.
  3. Tie tight knots and the ends of the crossed point several times.
  4. Then knot.

So the plant is not injured, has the ideal grip and also plenty of room.

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